tonight at Solar Culture: Carla Bozulich

Burning Man 2011

Few days ago we came back from a very interesting adventure, our first ever Burning Man experience!
In the dusty and vast Black Rock Desert in Nevada once a year there is created a city based on sacred geometry, a very surreal world with many different realms you can tap into, where you can have freedom of creative expression. Then it disappears without a trace, back to the dust..but impacting and inspiring everyone deeply, expanding our horizons. I felt blown away in so many ways! I would agree with Adam Apollo giving there a great lecture, that it is the first galactic city on planet Earth!



Focusing on the breath, learning to sense our connection with Earth and sky, and strengthening our physical body as a temple in which the spirit can manifest gives us the foundation for a spiritual practice.
A spiritual practice is a way of accessing the divine creativity that exists inside each one of us.
It is a process of finding our own strength and balance, of celebrating, with sound and silence, the essence of who we are. To realize ourselves as authentic spiritual beings takes a lot of physical and emotional stamina. We must be willing to face our fears and doubts. We must work to transform any feelings of separation we may hold. We must overcome any laziness or irresponsibility that is still with us. Beneath each of these states lies enormous reservoirs of love, power and authenticity, and the ability to deeply and honestly respond to life.
The word ''inspire'' means to breathe. To breath in, inspiration - to fill with spirit.
To inspire is to be filled with breath. When we breathe deeply we are inspired, filled with the creative energy of life.
- from the book by Diane Mariechild "The Inner Dance".

The Butterfly Messenger

Two days ago while I was on my walk through the canyon, I encountered this beautiful dead butterfly with a broken wing. I was contemplating its journey of transformation, experience of fullness of being, and moving beyond, back to the source. I was wondering what message it brings. I placed it in a safe place, and I offered it for the tree. This particular tree is symbolizing for me a gate between realities. Passing through it I always imagine leaving behind the physical world of form, and entering into a truly magickal garden of Spirit.
In the next day after my return I realized that around the same time one of the greatest visionary masters Robert Venosa ascended to the higher realms, and merged with his creations..

He is such a great example to follow, living up to the true creative potentials, bringing down this incredible visions, and the dimensional portals. He touched the lives of many with the light of his inspiration. And this light never burns out.


Dark Moon medicine

In the dark of the Moon
my being is tuned to ride spiral downward,
to face, release, and transform the old,
to ride a cosmic wave, and rise towards the transcendence and mastery, higher frequency.

I had pretty difficult passing through this time at the beginning. The old perceptions, masks, and illusions needed to dissolve, and there was still so much of the wounded self, that needed the empowerment.. Intuitionally I knew that it is a great opportunity to do a serious self-healing session, using this energy for acceleration of the growth and development.
I was working very intensely on my drawing while witnessing and processing anything that was arising in my mind. At some point I broke through my projections. I came back to an innocent playfulness, an infinity of the present moment, the space of the Heart. I was healing my Self with the light of every breath, opening deeper to the flow of cosmic energy.
My soul is soaring very high through the stellar skies, exploring the new heights of creative potentials, planting the new seeds of higher visions.
We can create truly when we relax into Being! The experience of Life itself..
With a new found appreciation I am looking on things exactly as they are, without the need to change anything.
I am emerging into a new reality..


Stellar Vistas

Last night I had very intense dream visions where I was gaining a new perspectives.. drifting somewhere in a deep space, in the state of ave, I am observing this amazing colourful stellar scapes. I feel like I am reborn into a new world.
I have still a memory of this extraterrestrial being looking inside of my body, scanning it, and telepathically communicating to me that I have all experiences designed for me to look deeper within, to see the Truth.
In recent time my love for astral space traveling with sound expanded unimaginably, and exploring of the cosmic awareness became my huge passion. Diving deeper into NLP I also trained myself in these directions in many different ways. I am applying hypno-peripheral processing technologies and binaural beats. So at my drawing sessions, going deeper into the present moment and relaxation, I am going into a trance states, where I am often bilocating my mind, learning different things, and perfecting my skills at the same time.
Simultaneously I am waking up more to my role as a priestess of the Great Mother, the Rainbow Serpent Goddess.
I am bridging the worlds, on my way of return into a free flow. Merkaba meditation and Unity Breath are very useful tools.
Recently I got really hooked on Qigong practice. This is just another way of working with the life force energy, enriching all other ways. I am becoming more and more sensitive with each session, I learn how to run and direct energy, heal myself and heal the others, and how to ground myself more effectively.
I am waking up on so many new different levels as conscious co-creator of my reality. Today it was for me a powerful day, when I was exploring the unknown territories. Going beyond my comfort zone, I pushed myself beyond my fears, with the intention of growth. I feel like I just slipped into a new awareness, into a new world, where I can be myself more freely. Staying in a higher frequency, I was untouched by all the madness happening around me, I just simply missed it all, and I wasn't pulled by it down. I am also making more space for listening, so I am tapping better into the stream of consciousness, where I am able to respond objectively, beyond automatic reaction.
Being an artist it isn't all, it is just one part of our birthright.. all different ways that we learn how to release and transform energies through using them creatively. But we have to remember that it is not so much about doing, but being and experiencing.. that the base for everything it is our work with invisible in this very present moment. Weaving our destinies with our every expression, we create, and destroy. And the end it is just a beginning.



Always since I've met Louria I was thinking that I would love to photograph, paint or draw her! Here it should be very obvious Why;) Her face have such a stunningly beautiful features! She is a soul and jazz singer with a very powerful voice, and a very loving heart! Recently we did our first little photo session..


Serpent of Light

We are back from our East Coast adventures. It was very refreshing experience making me to appreciate the desert world where I live so much deeper, also getting me even more motivated and inspired. It was an interesting journey on many levels. From one side we were in this big polluted by modern technology and overpopulated cities, but offering for us a great mind expanding experience of some of the greatest art and culture. At the same time I was reading a book by Drunvalo Melchizedek called Serpent of Light, so I was traveling with my mind all over the sacred sites, moving with the Earth's kundalini energy.
I feel like born again, overflowing with divine inspiration, and very excited about what is to come!

(...) Dreamer is about to wake up and realize that it is dreaming. Even more importantly, the Dream itself of living on this planet can now be changed. This is the key!
Dream is really only light and intention. The portal to the 4D will begin to open wide for those who know. It means that we are out of time. We must really take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and emotions now. For each one of us is the Dreamer. And what we dream will become real in this world. (...)


creating sacred space

The power of intention and its potentials are blowing me away. I finally finished painting of my new studio space, I moved some of my art and other things in, and I did some cleansing, setting up my intent. I want this room to be a sacred healing space for ritual and creation, a hall of excellence, a portal to the other dimensions. In the very first day one internationally renowned healer and drummer wanted to use this space for an individual healing sessions. First session he did with me, with divination, and drumming over my body, into my heart chakra, igniting also all other energy centers, blasting them open. The healing sessions lasted here by the three days, and I feel like through this energies happening here my space was greatly blessed.
In other days in our other building in Arches, in the space called Galactic Center, the same man was hosting his workshops, teaching about the rhythms of elements, divination, healing, traveling between worlds, and other shamanic techniques from the ancient traditions of african Dagara tribe. I feel like I did some progress with my drumming abilities, getting some of the nice fundamentals to work with. Now I only need to practice, to master each element, and from there I can expand further in all directions, playing freely from my heart. I also did learn some of the very important fundamentals about traveling between worlds. Before my problem was that I didn't had enough of protection. Now I travel to my power spot in nature, where the protection is created, and from there I am safe to move to the lower and upper worlds. So really what happened it is the deeper clarification of the process. When I am in the middle world, in my power spot, I am incorporating here my merkaba practice and unity breath meditation, also meeting with the spirits living there. One of my guides here is the rainbow winged serpent. I saw it in one of my visions while meditating there, and also I encountered this being once in 3D. The rainbow serpent, swallowing a bat, with wings on the both sides of the mouth! Traveling to this sacred cave I see myself sitting in a half lotus position, holding my staff, the caduceus wand. It is also a dimension when I communicate with a tree and rock people. Traveling to the lower worlds I travel to the center of the Earth, to the Earth's library, where I can access all the knowledge, and to communicate with ancestral spirits. Often I find myself emerging into a deep waters, and swimming with whales, and other creatures. Traveling to the upper worlds I like to travel into space, and other planets, also to my inner sanctuary that I've been creating and expanding for a while. It is also time to commune with the highest guides, and angelic beings.
Right now we are in Philadelphia on our East Coast adventure that will last 2 weeks. We are going to visit also New York and New Jersey shore. It is a good opportunity to break old patterns! Definitely we are going back to a Metropolitan Art Museum for more inspiration from the old masters=)


Burning Fingers

We just had here exchange of the whole exposition in our gallery. The ALIGNMENT is our team. For me personally it means deeper aligning with my higher self, and my life's purpose.. moving on..beyond the duality & old beliefs.. waking up to our hidden creative potentials, and activation of our forgotten light body vehicles. Waking up to Truth. Waking up into the present moment. Becoming a pure channel, embodying the Spirit, and expressing it more freely creatively in many ways.
This time we got the most of art than ever, and we were worried that there will be not enough of space. We filled our gallery up to the ceiling with creations of over 150 of local artists. So through the whole week I had practically to forget about my all other work, and give a lot of my energy out to a community, pushing myself beyond my limits.
It is always such a magickal process of putting all the art together..there is usually something about 300 or more pieces, one gigantic puzzle. I am totally following here my intuition and vision, also listening to the art, where it wants to go. With time I am realizing that really I create a big altar for the Goddess, and through uniting all the art there are created many deep stories. Each time we seem to grow and develop stronger, being inspired by creations of other people. It is very stimulating to live surrounded by it all every day. I feel so blessed.

During the art show opening I had very interesting and mysterious connections with some people. One of them was connecting me to some very special crystals that are linked with two different sacred temples/chambers, and he did read my energy through looking at me. Another man was playing so beautifully his harp in front of our building, so I sat next to him. He put his instrument next to my right ear, then to the left, filling my both hemispheres with celestial harmonies. I mentioned that I also have a similar harp that I'm starting to play, so he wanted to look at it. He did some really nice tuning to it!
I was so exhausted after the whole week so I decided that in Sunday I will do NoThing. It turned to be one of the most creative days of my life! I had this very lucid dream where I was walking the path of infinity, and it was literally a path in an eternity symbol shape. I was walking through many realities, seeing them in a great detail, and I was finding new ways. In my waking life I am admiring work of Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman, and in this dream I saw them and I had this knowing that I was following their foot steps walking this path. My day began from doing hundreds of photos of our new exposition. Then we hooked up our sound system, and microphone, and I sat on the stage with my harp and a crystal bowl, and I started playing. I was playing until I had blisters on almost every finger, and I felt like I took skin out of my fingertips! It was so painful..
I went downstairs to my studio, and despite the pain, I still wanted to play...after a while I felt like my fingers were on fire and burning, but thank's to that I could sense flow of the energy so much stronger..
After experience of harp playing I felt like the strings of my soul got tuned, and that a great healing occurred deep within me.
I felt like it affects my ability to hear music, and my free flow dance movement. I went into a meditation, opening my heart to an universal love. To be able to do that I had to face my darkness first, all that needed to be faced at this time to become later transformed. After a while I found myself in a great creative flow..creativity overflowing me. I was bathed in the light that flew through my body and my heart to my burning fingertips.
I am right now working on a new artwork for Esoteric, so I had a great opportunity to be really able to see the sound with my inner eye, to open up into visions that this music brings to me. I feel like through this work I got a really powerful force to handle, because in order to really get to it deeply, I have here to learn how to ride this energies.
I went in this day through a huge transformation on so many levels.. I actually feel like I reinvented my whole body, my whole system, I jumped myself dimensionally.. I was able to open successfully my chakras, to awaken my light body, and my hidden potentials. Life gets more and more exciting with this whole acceleration, and continues to expand. I am taking my power back, and I open myself into my natural radiance. I am tuning in..;)


To The Center

Coming back to an ancient land, to a sacred cave with the goddess tree alive..
where the bees still thrive, and the vulture rules the skies,
I surrender my human form, my ego, in a sacrifice for the divine.
Crawling through a mother's womb, where the winged rainbow snake dwells,
I am rebirthing myself again into a new life.
Soon I am one with her..
through the experience of nothingness ~ I become everything..
I shape shift into many forms.
She shows herself up this time as the lady of the waters,
She is the Source.
The tree assists me with opening up of my third eye into seeing,
and we breath together for a while, exchanging with energies and information.
My body opens up as a pure vessel through which the stream of consciousness can flow freely..
As the gate of my heart opens to a radiance of my true self ~ the fire of my voice liberates from the darkest depths.
With my sound I travel beyond form, and I bring new worlds into being.
Sitting on my rocky throne I have an ancient remembrance of who I truly am, and this knowing fills me with bliss.
I am letting the ancient ones to speak through me, as they come to greet me.
The spirits are very playful this time, and very eager to teach me new things..
I know it is part of my job to bring my learning back to the earth..
and that I need to share with this overflowing infinite beauty and inspiration
that I find when I look within..
to the crystalline core of my being.
Coming back through a birthing tunnel, following the light
I am coming across a beautiful black and red caterpillar
that is about to transform, to fly in freedom..
I follow the source to purify in a waterfall, and I swim in an emerald green pools..
am I dreaming? I ask myself..

The other night I dreamt about many raised cobras,
and I saw a very special moon, sending to the earth a shaft of light with dancing rainbows
I could see this light approaching me, and I felt this excitement..
I see a dancers, acrobats that are just incredible, flying very high to the air..
I am visiting the pools with the turquoise waters that were crystal clear..
when I am transported to our gallery, I can see myself dealing with some kind of a holographic arts on a very big formats
I am pretty sure that it is my art from the future..
This time around I am divinely guided to learn about the rhythms of vision, and I dive deeper into the sacred geometry realms..
the journey unfolds..



I had today a very lucid dream vision, where I saw the wolf in a forest.
It was very intense and transformative day from many reasons..suddenly weather totally turned into the extremes, and from the heat we were faced with cold and very rainy day, for the first time in a very long time. All this different strange things were happening for people I know that seemed as very unusual. The perspective of passing through this day seemed as quite a challenging task. In one day we had two different events happening in two buildings. In the new temple space that we are creating in the Arches building we had a very interesting lecture with Jade Sol Luna on Asterian Astrology, in Solar Culture Gallery we had a concert with three bands, and we had to prepare food for everyone. The seminar with Jade was very fascinating, and opening us up into the new realities. The old ground suddenly was took away from under our feet, and a new world was shown. I feel like I learned so much of new things about myself! According to Asterian system my palace is Nomius. Ahh! Now I understand my connection with Thoth as he governs this sign! This also connects me to an elephant animal spirit..it is interesting to me that I placed an elephant on one of my main altars! It is right above my head when I am sitting here writing this message. Nomius is very nurturing, amongst other characteristics, like for example being very spiritual, artistic, creative, loving humanity.. and tonight while I was showing for Jade one of my recent videos that I made in homage for the Goddess, I realized deeper how I am constantly connecting with the archetype of a nurturing mother. For me ~ going beyond the role of being an actual mother by myself, and instead ~ directing my creative energy towards birthing new arts, and having my disconnection with my earthly mother, I see myself reaching beyond, connecting with the Great Cosmic Mother, the higher force. In this lifetime I was doing it more consciously intentionally since the very first time when she embraced me with Her unconditional infinite love, and when she opened up my heart. This happened when I went by myself to Nature, to an old forest, and I merged with all.
"Nomius, as the final Palace, synthesizes and absorbs the mysteries of the previous Palace. This knowledge is portrayed here by an all seeing eye. This symbol also contains two fish, representing the Sign of Pisces and the soul's journey after death."
That's also a very interesting thing to relate to as my current piece in progress where I am channeling my higher self, there this symbol appears, like coming from an opening of the pineal gland, and above..there are my staff! - the Caduceus!
Later I showed for Jade my astrological chart, and he is saying that I am also a double wolf! ..and the spirit of wolf has shown itself to me in my dream last night! it came from the unconscious of my mind;)..
I see a wolf in me definitely and I am realizing this deeper now..
Exactly at this night the moon is in the wolf sign ~ the Typhon Palace!
Typhon's theme speaking generally is growth and renewal through chaos and turbulence.
I am also relating deeply to soul's journey after death, I am Hagazussa dancing on the edge, traveling often beyond the veil.
I travel there to gain knowledge so I can bring it back to the earth, for visions, and guidance..to connect with my higher self, and to heal myself. Seeing myself as a Typhon I can understand deeper my attraction towards working with the darkness, my role of bridging the worlds.
Today I also finished a new video where I used some of my digital arts and nature photography. I was very inspired to work with music of Kit Watkins this time, I love his album Skyzone so much!
The sound evoked the images where I was mostly focusing on invisible works of Nature, my studies of the flow of the divine life force energy, visions that I see, and encounters with the nature spirits, entities..
It is journey inward, and everything it is sound constantly evolving..
In the Nature we are finding our True Self when we go beyond our little egos and we merge with All.


1000 Names of the Divine Mother

From a long time I wanted to create something for this sacred devotional song that I adore!



I am learning right now how to work in Final Cut Pro, and I decided to redo some of my old videos in a better quality. By over a week I was stuck having problem with getting images nice and crisp after rendering and exporting, but finally today I offered more time for meditation, focusing deeper on seeing myself being excited about solving it. Afterwards I was guided straight to a solution!=)
Though still youtube is distorting it, I think I will have to move on to vimeo with my future work..
especially as I have also in plans to make a better use of my hd video camera!
well..still, I hope you will enjoy it!;)
For me this music and art are about reactivation of the ancient memories, traveling within to the essence of our true Self, exploring divine creative potentials..projection of the ancient future..
..and so much more beyond what I am able to express in words!
I think my visions and music that I choose to work with are speaking for themselves on much deeper levels~~;)..


Golden Eagle at the Arches

It was a true blessing to be so close to presence of this magnificent eagle, and to hear all incredible stories by Healer of Angels - Martin Tyner!! He is the first man in North America licenced to train a wild golden eagle in the ancient art of falconry, also one of America's foremost wildlife rehabilitators, and wildlife and environmental educator.
Big thanks to Quynn Elizabeth Red Mountain for making it happen!

Eagle medicine is the power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine. It is the ability to live in the realm of spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth.


Dawn of the Unity Wave.

With desire to ride the Unity Wave, I asked my Higher Self and Divine Guidance as I was instructed..what my ego may do to serve the delivery of the divine plan? What shall I do to further the manifestation of unity consciousness and creating harmony?
I dived very deeply within, and I begun my meditation practice..I grounded myself deeply in the Earth with the roots of my being, reaching to the core, and sending the energy back through my body vehicle..
Soon I found myself in the dark cosmic ocean of the Mother..but I didn't feel centered, and I saw myself leaking energy to other people..I found it very tricky to open my heart completely to an Universal Love, and my inner vision was foggy..
After facing all my darkness that needed to be faced exactly at this time, my intuition has lead me into listening to an audio recording of the New Hermetics - Grounding and Centering. As soon as I oriented myself in space, getting myself in touch with elemental guardians, and opening into the flow of energy, so the cross is created through my body, everything begun to shift, and again I could be one with my Higher Self, in perfect Divine Guidance...reawakening into this deep knowing..
Even more of my darkness I had to face, and through my pure channels flew divine solutions..
My vision is very clear in the infinite Now! And all my questions were answered..
My latest dream visions and drawing that I am working on were of great assistance in leading me to this point of understanding..
I extend my deep gratitude for my Divine Guidance, for leading me from darkness to light, and for opening of my All Seeing Eye again!!!
I am realizing now deeper how still ungrounded I was before!
I hear now the Earth speaking to me way more clearly! Grounded and centered we are so much more free to Space Travel!
And we are able to see that we are not alone!~~;-)..

..with Infinite Love!



This is our new art show in Solar Culture Gallery:

Sacred Space

In these recent two weeks I got totally absorbed in the temple, working every day on my Mayan Priestess, and forgetting on a while about all my other tasks. I am blown away by how much I've learned and grew through this experience and my interactions with people.. through witnessing the space being activated through all different kinds of energies, some of the best visionary art and crystals. We had here also some of the most amazing raw foods and raw chocolate! We had here every day empowering lectures, classes, and sacred ceremonies. We all were amazed watching it unfolding.
I've met with many truly wonderful and beautiful angelic beings, but also at the same time I've met with people that call themselves ''spiritual'', that are so much into light, that are blinded by it, and become ignorant and very leadest!.. I feel very blessed that through my life experience I've learned to own my darkness..!!
Today I came across these words: "You cannot help someone unless you become like that person".
If you think that you are higher than others it is so easy to fall into a separation..
Short time after that came through our doors a native looking woman wanting to see the gallery..I took my time to tell her about the place, then my partner's brother talked with her by a while.. Before leaving, she stood there with her soul uplifted, and in a deep gratitude and a great smile she thanked us, for giving her our attention..she tells that when she goes to the other galleries, she isn't met with much respect, because she doesn't look like she would buy a painting for $4000!
This experience alone deepened seriously my understanding of what we are doing here..
The temple next door is just starting, and this time we are realizing that we are the ones we were looking for, and we are taking responsibility for creating a sacred space where everyone is welcome!


Mayan Priestess activation.

It is so wonderful to meet with so many amazing spirits that are being attracted to the Temple of Eden and Solar Culture..
connecting also with other creative and powerful couples..and especially at this time..
we have here people from all over the world.
I feel blessed having now opportunity to connect deeper with Amanda Sage and her partner Mateo, and Aloria Weaver with her partner David Heskin..very beautiful souls!
At the beginning of this year I set my intention that I really want to learn deeper how to paint, to get to know techniques of the masters, to learn from the masters. I am blown away watching how universe answers me! I am doing right now live painting in collaboration with Amanda, she helps me to finish my piece Mayan Priestess, and she shares with her experience working with this medium.
What a better way to learn I could imagine with my little conscious mind??;) I am in a deep gratitude.
The priestess wanted to be brought to life exactly at this time.. so I am very curious how she will manifest, how she will transform, and I choose to surrender for the Great Spirit. She is a cosmic mother creating universes, she is in a dance, working with the life force energy..in essence all is Sound, in the constant movement..

And this is how our building looks right now!

The Mayan theme is strong;) this lovely picture was created by Ruben Moreno, a local painter, who has also Mayan roots.
This gigantic dragonfly decided to land on our building, and become our new guardian;)
It is interesting as very recently dragonfly was brought closer to my consciousness as one of my personal guides!


Messages from Ascended Masters

Today our space was blessed with such a great energy..
First we had here West African Dance class with Jade Beall, that is just incredible wild, beautiful and free spirit!
Shortly after that we had here a channeling session and sacred gong activations

Lilyana was delivering for us the messages of the ascended masters, and together with her partner they were changing molecular structures of our bodies through the sound.
I've met with them barely three days ago, but I felt such a strong connection with those people that we decided to put this event on the last while. It feels like meeting of the ancient family that you already knew before..

The new temple activation

Temple of Eden


Healing Waters

I was gifted in these days with a beautiful and profound dream visions. Together with the other people we are driving a boat through the ocean.. The water is crystal clear and very pure..turquoise in color, but more going into the light blue..
I see with a great detail fantastic rich textures and hues appearing on the surface of the waves, and I dive into them with my perception.. Waves are growing bigger to the point where they are really huge, but this time instead of fear - we choose to flow with them..and we catch the air, and we have a blast! Then I see myself standing below the mountain..and this light blue crystal clear water pours down, and bathes me..I feel bliss.. Next I remember sitting inside of a car, and the window is open.. The bird being with a very long neck and a little head appears in the space in between, and checks me out..he touches me gently with its beak.. This dream brought to me in the next day the experience of crystal clear vision, and my mind was evolving around the idea of liquid light;)..
In the recent time I have a lot of visitors from the bird tribe! Few weeks ago I landed in the garden of my grandparents, and I had a very close encounter with a stunningly beautiful peacock, that apparently was trying to get my attention..
In another yet day I had the vision of a magnificent eagle in the sky, that also I could see in a great detail..in the air this eagle was held on the two sides by the two even bigger birds with their claws! I think it was two condors..
We are right now changing all the art in our gallery. For the new art show first I was going to finish my oil painting with iguana lizard, but having a desire to bring it to a really high levels I gave up on rushing with completion. Then I decided to push myself really hard, and to finish my new drawing..but yesterday while working on it, the picture spoke to me that I can't push the river to flow faster..relax into the present moment that is perfect..give yourself more love! So I decided to listen to this voice, and I realized that I have all what I need already;)
It is truly mind blowing what kind of energy is going to happen in our new building!!
For the Gem and Mineral Show that is coming up in these days will be created "Temple of Eden" by a truly wonderful and radiant beings.
There is some information on flyer, and more on their website..

Ahh, so exciting! It feels like our whole block is like a spaceship that is about to take off!;) It is a powerful time!


the new paths

Wow! Throughout the day happened to me things that blew my mind, expanding deeper my gratitude of how blessed I am!
Even if again I failed with some of my actions according to my judgements, and if I dived back into my pain and frustration, I learned really a lot, and I experienced a transcendence. I am facing the infinite love and forgiveness of the higher forces of the Universe, and I meet with the parts of myself that are already in a great mastery.
Crazy thing happened, as at the evening..another woman visiting me, sitting at the same place as the first one from yesterday, started to cry in front of me, facing and releasing her darkness..and again I found myself in a situation when I serve just through the listening and witnessing..
This led me into going back to one talk, teaching exactly about the act of listening..
It is interesting that this is one of the main and the very first things we were doing when we came to this reality, and we were so poorly educated on this subject..or not at all..how to listen well, and to stay in the presence..or maybe this shouldn't be a surprise anymore! It is our job to reeducate ourselves.
Working on my new drawing I was also listening to another talk, discussing the new paths of creativity..
The main thoughts were evolving around our responses to what happens..that it really doesn't matter what happens, that it does matter how we do respond to a change..that there is or reaction or creative solution..
I believe it is a very precious thought that out of tragedy we have to create something that demonstrates what we learned. That's how we grow and move on..
So then even if we feel we did failed..if we follow this thought, this failure turns into the greatest teaching.
Our gifts are emerging in the darkness..and with them we have the power to change the world.
The miracle it is just a shift in our perception~~


tuning in..

It is very interesting that I got back to writing here exactly at this time! and now it is hard to stop! I suppose to be sleeping right now..
This day was so profound and deep to me..and I was reawakening powerfully into the new reality
I feel I need to state that the purpose of my writing here is sharing with my journey, dreams, visions, intuitive insights, tools..
with the light of divine inspiration, that hopefully will touch and stir your heart and soul, and will assist you in your own journey into the awakening of your creative fire..your inheritance..for you all who resonate.
From many years I feel like I am overflowing with this light, and I cannot stop it anymore..but all this time I learn how to create a free flow..how to work with this energy in a beneficial ways for all..
Writing here also it seems as a very good practice for me..communicating with the world..with the other parts of myself..
expanding my writing skills in this language..and for a better understanding of myself.
I was facing today a lot of darkness..and my own, and others..bringing the darkness into the light of consciousness..
In the late afternoon visited me one woman, to show me her new work for our new art show, and to share with the pain of tragical few recent months of her life. This meeting seems as something in so perfect order, as again I am reawakening myself to my job of an assistance, helping for people to see the light, even in the greatest darkness of the night of the soul..teaching them how they can create a new better reality for themselves, through their arts. I think I will start to work with this woman guiding her more, and I will see what I can do..
Later this evening I was drawing, finishing listening to the Science of Peace by David Wilcock, and this gave me some of the new important insights. I really recommend exploring his another talk on youtube, 2012 Event Horizon
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEyqT2_ricA ), it is very mind expanding. Reading at the same time "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek creates a really nice combo;).
Science of Peace made me going back to a higher visioning of a perfect thing happening across the street from us..
There was an old cemetery..then they built buildings on top of it with some horrible bar, then they took it all down, and they took out more than 1000 of graves. There was a budget and for digging the graves, and for the new building, there are plans for a new courthouse..but they spent most of the money on digging, and there is a huge empty space, right in the heart of the Tucson downtown. What a perfect order~~;)..I think it is very meaningful and huge that the land was blessed in this recent months through All Souls Procession happening in there..with over 20000 of people gathering...
I have this strange feeling, that as we enter into the new eon, there will be no need for the new courthouse anymore!~;)
So I keep visioning what would be the best possible scenario..
On our block there is a lot of generation of ecstatic energy already, and it will only expand, but in this spot, I see the vision of energy radiating from the center to the whole city..and after listening to the Science of Peace I think that the best thing it would be building a pyramid, where people also can bless their water...it doesn't have to be huge, just having the right proportions...pyramid surrounded by a community garden ordered also in sacred geometry..and eventually a farmers market, where you can get the best fresh organic produce! ahh..I love this vision!=) I feel I need to act upon it, I don't know yet how, what are the right people to reach, to seed the vision..or maybe I deeply have this knowledge..
Coming back to my drawing and working with the music, I realized much deeper how essential tool it is in my life, and I observed from a new perspectives how subconsciously and intuitively I use it in many ways, for healing and other work.. how my DNA changes being influenced by the sound..
I know I always keep doing it..but always it does gets deeper~


The new art show - Innerstellar - a community harmonization

The new art show in Solar Culture is coming up really soon!!

Now I only need to perform miracles to finish my new artwork for it~~;)
All it pushes me beyond my limits to create an unimaginable and that's wonderful..