Dawn of the Unity Wave.

With desire to ride the Unity Wave, I asked my Higher Self and Divine Guidance as I was instructed..what my ego may do to serve the delivery of the divine plan? What shall I do to further the manifestation of unity consciousness and creating harmony?
I dived very deeply within, and I begun my meditation practice..I grounded myself deeply in the Earth with the roots of my being, reaching to the core, and sending the energy back through my body vehicle..
Soon I found myself in the dark cosmic ocean of the Mother..but I didn't feel centered, and I saw myself leaking energy to other people..I found it very tricky to open my heart completely to an Universal Love, and my inner vision was foggy..
After facing all my darkness that needed to be faced exactly at this time, my intuition has lead me into listening to an audio recording of the New Hermetics - Grounding and Centering. As soon as I oriented myself in space, getting myself in touch with elemental guardians, and opening into the flow of energy, so the cross is created through my body, everything begun to shift, and again I could be one with my Higher Self, in perfect Divine Guidance...reawakening into this deep knowing..
Even more of my darkness I had to face, and through my pure channels flew divine solutions..
My vision is very clear in the infinite Now! And all my questions were answered..
My latest dream visions and drawing that I am working on were of great assistance in leading me to this point of understanding..
I extend my deep gratitude for my Divine Guidance, for leading me from darkness to light, and for opening of my All Seeing Eye again!!!
I am realizing now deeper how still ungrounded I was before!
I hear now the Earth speaking to me way more clearly! Grounded and centered we are so much more free to Space Travel!
And we are able to see that we are not alone!~~;-)..

..with Infinite Love!

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  1. Anonymous13/3/11

    Listening is a very challenging position to hold at times. Opening to the message of source with our distracting stressful setting takes a deep focus. Once synced with the revelation nothing comes close to the pure communication/love. Keep listening Kati... peace within