The Butterfly Messenger

Two days ago while I was on my walk through the canyon, I encountered this beautiful dead butterfly with a broken wing. I was contemplating its journey of transformation, experience of fullness of being, and moving beyond, back to the source. I was wondering what message it brings. I placed it in a safe place, and I offered it for the tree. This particular tree is symbolizing for me a gate between realities. Passing through it I always imagine leaving behind the physical world of form, and entering into a truly magickal garden of Spirit.
In the next day after my return I realized that around the same time one of the greatest visionary masters Robert Venosa ascended to the higher realms, and merged with his creations..

He is such a great example to follow, living up to the true creative potentials, bringing down this incredible visions, and the dimensional portals. He touched the lives of many with the light of his inspiration. And this light never burns out.

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