Dark Moon medicine

In the dark of the Moon
my being is tuned to ride spiral downward,
to face, release, and transform the old,
to ride a cosmic wave, and rise towards the transcendence and mastery, higher frequency.

I had pretty difficult passing through this time at the beginning. The old perceptions, masks, and illusions needed to dissolve, and there was still so much of the wounded self, that needed the empowerment.. Intuitionally I knew that it is a great opportunity to do a serious self-healing session, using this energy for acceleration of the growth and development.
I was working very intensely on my drawing while witnessing and processing anything that was arising in my mind. At some point I broke through my projections. I came back to an innocent playfulness, an infinity of the present moment, the space of the Heart. I was healing my Self with the light of every breath, opening deeper to the flow of cosmic energy.
My soul is soaring very high through the stellar skies, exploring the new heights of creative potentials, planting the new seeds of higher visions.
We can create truly when we relax into Being! The experience of Life itself..
With a new found appreciation I am looking on things exactly as they are, without the need to change anything.
I am emerging into a new reality..

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