I am learning right now how to work in Final Cut Pro, and I decided to redo some of my old videos in a better quality. By over a week I was stuck having problem with getting images nice and crisp after rendering and exporting, but finally today I offered more time for meditation, focusing deeper on seeing myself being excited about solving it. Afterwards I was guided straight to a solution!=)
Though still youtube is distorting it, I think I will have to move on to vimeo with my future work..
especially as I have also in plans to make a better use of my hd video camera!
well..still, I hope you will enjoy it!;)
For me this music and art are about reactivation of the ancient memories, traveling within to the essence of our true Self, exploring divine creative potentials..projection of the ancient future..
..and so much more beyond what I am able to express in words!
I think my visions and music that I choose to work with are speaking for themselves on much deeper levels~~;)..

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