catching up..

I haven't been writing here in a while..
the more I wait, the more difficult it is to return!
where I suppose to start?? I wonder..
so much happened in this recent two months..beyond the linear time..
that it seems as a very limiting thing, to attempt to express it in words.
However it is my intention to master also this ways of expression,
to return to the state where I am one with the writer within,
writing in trust and surrender, liberating the light of the voice of my soul.
I am very curious where this would lead me;)
Switching into a new language makes it for me a little more tricky and challenging
I feel again like a little child, learning the new vocabulary..
however the most I love to go beyond any language known, and finding my own..
I am evolving into a multidimensional being, going beyond linear ways, raising my frequency, becoming a pure channel for divine energy, awakening my light body, breathing deeeply..still doing a lot of healing and purification..
I was thinking before that healing is a process never ending..
however now I dare to dream about a state where I am completely healed!
..and I travel often to my inner temple, my sacred sanctuary,
and I nourish my body with the cosmic energy..and I travel into the deep space within
It is a mind blowing concept to me that every atom of my body is the door to an inner universe..
I am learning how to dream more consciously, how to use more fully hidden here potentials
and my dream visions are expanding my awareness, with their beauty, depth and magnificence.
One day I had this dream, that I look into the sky..
and there in the clouds I am observing triangles moving very fast in a different configurations
I watch it with an amazement.
Then I see on the horizon a big nuclear explosion,
black cloud is rising up and expanding in every direction, absorbing everything on its way
I am standing and I know that I not have a chance to run away from this powerful force
I see that an unknown woman is standing with me on my side
and I remember very well the moment when we both open our arms to the explosion in surrender
we close our eyes, and we are absorbed..
after a little while we open them, and we realize that we are still alive, and still standing there.
Few days later Universe orchestrated my meeting with the two very powerful women, that I met for the first time,
In the middle of magical Sonoran Desert I had to surrender, when my ego was dissolving with the power of the explosion,
to break down into a spirit molecule..
I am rediscovering deeper my fire in my free flow dance, and my voice, which through most of my life was deeply suppressed..
I want to nurture and expand it..
I think about teaching myself how to play a piano to balance better my hemispheres..we have a piano on our stage, so I should make use of it! The same when it comes to a great sound in our building..I started to mess already some with microphones=)
When I was very little, besides drawing, my other the most favorite things to do it was singing and creating the songs in the Now, and recording it on an old tape recorder of my grandfather. So it is for me like a return to another passion and love from my childhood;)
The situation with our place transformed so much in these months.. I was mentioning before about our building that went for public auction..and about this rich guy that decided to buy it against our will..
So I was wondering before about the perfect divine order in the whole situation, and this seemingly "bad" thing transformed already into something previously unimaginable! Because he bought almost all other buildings around us, and because of the hard economic situation in this country, what created difficulties with renting them out, and created some desperation..and because of the higher vision of my partner about creating an art block.. at first we expanded about building on the left side from us..and now two others on the right! So now we are having not one but four buildings!
Building on the left is already going. There is over 20 different artist studios, and in the biggest space right now is being created a "Temple of Eden" by a very interesting people that are running also Epic Eden Hot Springs Retreats.
At the time of the Gem Show there will be lots of interesting things going on..an art show with global visionary art, lectures, workshops, classes, screenings, etc.. a lot of Goddess energy!
On the right side from us there will be some more of the art studios, and we have this vision of creating an art school!
..the hall of excellence;)..where you can learn and master skills, and liberate your creative fire.
The building next to that is rented by another guy..together with his wife he will create there an art gallery, and a jazz school for kids. In the next building that we are also renting we are planning to create a big dance and yoga space.
The tricky part now is to pass through all the rules of the city people, and fixing spaces according to them..
It would be nice if the city in general would be more interested in supporting the cause of creating an art community, at least through being more flexible with the laws..
We've found recently also fantastic new places in nature, the new power spots, enchanted and magical lands
Even returning to the old ones is never the same..
My relationship and communication with the Great Goddess deepens..and I hear her call for me to step up in many ways..
The true meaning of Solar Culture is not really from the sun..it is about an old Atlantean practice of bringing the light into a pineal gland. It is interesting that coming here I am passing through its activation;) I opened myself more into the assistance from the Universe in my process of healing, and the assistance came so incredibly quickly! It is temporary staying here one very interesting man from England, with the roots from India..he was a doctor, but he quit his career for a spiritual calling. He is offering his healing work, working with the elements and using stones..I got a serious blast of energy into my pineal through the star Polaris. I felt like my head is on fire! I was very surprised how much pain my body was still holding..and he was assisting with the release and freeing the flow..
I am deciding to be back to being here active more often..every day sharing with something..if not with the word, then with a picture or a sound..and my whole website needs a serious update and rewriting my stories with the new awareness!! I need to catch up with so many things..
It is very exciting to step into this new year, it starts very intensely, and I can feel it will be very transformative beyond imagination, and there is so much to transform, and to create..the vision is GRAND!