playa tech house

Feeling so blessed to experience sets by DJ's like Damian Lazarus live on the dusty playa dance floor!!;)
it is music for the deep experience through the dance movement in surrender, until you move through the layers of consciousness, ages of conditioning, and awaken your light body..
so you can traverse again freely through the cosmic space of your awareness..
it is highly evolved spiritual technology, high consciousness streaming..
tune in into this bliss frequency >*<



Light of Sundays by Steve Roach


Goddess Gateway

One of my recent drawings..
I'm feeling like evolving this design further, and creating the whole series in many different mediums..
I really love working in this shape, and with the goddess energies!^^

Steve Roach live in Tucson at Solar Culture's Galactic Center

Steve Roach Live in Tucson at Solar Culture's Galactic Center,
February 14th and 15th 2014 at 8pm.
Advance tickets ($22 including fees) are suggested to guarantee your place at the event, but will also be sold at the door ($20)

Steve's Tucson concerts are always special, as there is no place like home. Immerse thyself in the deep end of the soundcurrent at Solar Culture's Galactic Center, complete with meditation caves in the back corners of the environment. The center is an intimate performance space in downtown Tucson, Arizona. The shows will be part of the pinnacle weekend of the multi-week Tucson Gem and Mineral Show which brings a large global culture into the entire city.
Capacity is just under 100 per show. Part of the room will be open for on-the-floor seating, using your own mode of comfort. BYO cushions, pillows etc.
Featuring visuals by Kati Astraeir.

With his distinctive melange of analogue and digital synthesisers, acoustic instrumentation and highly imaginative soundscaping, Steve Roach is a giant in modern ambient and one of the most respected electronic musicians in the world. He¹s been noted for the deep inspiration he draws from the European electronic tradition, and you can certainly hear the legacy of German psychedelic electronica and spacemusic throughout his work; sometimes not in melody, but certainly in its atmosphere and large, reverberant spaces. Another major source of inspiration for Roach is the desert wilderness, including the starkly beautiful deserts and wide open spaces of his Arizona home which continue to color his music to this day. After four decades of recording and performing worldwide his well of inspiration remains as deep as ever. Steve Roach has an enormous catalogue of releases for fans to explore. His total number of solo albums, collaborations and live recordings now numbers well over 100. Ever-productive, always thoughtful and refusing to be tied down to any one style, his music commands a large, devoted following and his innovations have inspired a whole generation of downtempo electro-acoustic composers and sound designers. Mike Watson - Australia >>ambientmusicguide.com.


Igneous Flame ~ Unveil

Telomere ~ Lux Primordia

DragonFly GoddessCraft landed in front of Solar Culture

Is it too obvious that someone with the dragonfly spirit medicine lives here?~;)
Surreality is our reality!


Laser Wood Etching

This is my artwork for the very first time etched into a piece of wood..
I really like the way it came out, and possibility of exploring picture also through the sense of your touch~;)..
There is a lot of visions to translate into this medium!


Summertime Echoes

Entering into the fall season I am finally able to stop, and to reflect upon the recent months of summer..about how much of dramatic change and growth has occurred.. that was quite a ride!;)
I wasn't able to express too much through writing, yet I see the need of embracing the journey at this time.
I am the whole new being now, more lighter, conscious, awake, and complete.. Feeling very grateful, and blessed to be able to ride these powerful currents.
I am the space and the dreamtime traveler, and the sound is my fuel.
I had a very wide range of experience that shaped and influenced me, assisting in furthering of my healing journey. I had an opportunity to travel to the East Coast, where in perfect sync with the Grand Water Trine I was reconnecting with the nourishing Mother Ocean, and I got to study the arts of the great old masters in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and others. This time I decided to put down my camera, and instead of taking hundreds if not thousands of pictures as I used to, I picked up a pencil again, taking the time to do some sketching, to learn more in depth.

We attended to the two amazing art and music festivals..regional one - Firefly Forest gathering, and Burning Man at Nevada state, that brings together the global most creative community, riding the crescendo of the new consciousness wave. Both of these events were the great catalysts for my deep transformation, and the process of unfoldment.. I worked a lot through the dance movement, journeying within in surrender to sound, opening up my heart, and creation of the new collaborative art. Our newest offering for the playa is called the GoddessCraft.

I did the artwork in the middle for the both sides, my partner, Steven Eye did the wooden sculptural frame around it, and the general design, our friend Moises Orozco did all the metal work. It was a great honor for us to be placed halfway on one side, in between the Man and the Temple of Whollyness.

It is so much bigger than our selves, our arts coming together.. the whole birthing process it was a serious intensive labor;)..I learned so much more about the Trust, and allowing the space for the visions to come through.. I faced a lot of pressure with this one..
In this year I am experiencing a lot of dragonfly energy. After many weeks of exploring of the infinite possibilities, and not feeling like being fully set on any certain vision, I am having a dream that I am in nature, in one of my power spots.. I look up to the sky, and I see a gigantic, and magnificent dragonfly flying by, landing on my hand, and hatching on..I could feel our merging so intensely..to the point of the pain. This experience pushed me forward so strongly, so I was guided to put the whole vision together in an effortless manner.
GoddessCraft it is the Goddess Gateway, Cosmic Mirror to the higher-dimensional Self..the portal beyond the veil of illusions. I feel like through my experiences I was forced to reach up to these levels.

Before going to Burning Man for the very first time I used to hate music with beats.. After my third Burn - I am deeply inspired to become a DJ!!!;) My affair with a good tech house keeps on expanding, my passion for dance is ever growing too! This time I attended to some of very special and underground parties with some of the top people in this field. I also love to follow the Robot Heart bus deep into the playa, and to dance the whole night, until the Sun rises.. we all sync into one heart beat, and we move through the space, weaving the patterns of infinity.. I dance myself into pure Bliss..until there is no walls anymore around my heart, and I radiate again the state of the universal Love.. I am it!

Coming back home, little did I know of how much more layers of consciousness do I have to shed.. how many more times I have to die.. I thought that I already did so much of healing and opening work, and Divine Mother showed me clearly my blindness around so many things.. I saw my soul still being caged in the trap of my ego, with all of its attachments.
I was divinely guided to purify my body, and to break all of my habits, so I can do a deeper work, descending into the underworld again, and to see with more clarity. I knew very well that it is the best thing that I can do for my healing, and for healing of the whole of humanity.
I went through my personal hell, and I learned deeper of how to witness anything I face with my breath, in the state of equanimity. I saw all the darkness, and all that is light!..the divine potentials..
There is nothing that can escape the penetrating sound of the shaman, that has the power to open the old wounds, digging deeply, coming to the source of whatever obstructed our hearts, from being pure and polished like a clear mirror, reflecting the Divine Truth.
At the night of the Equinox, after moving through a very thick night, I saw the light in the left corner of my eye.. I look up, and there it is.. Moon shining so beautifully.. I was sitting in a complete darkness in a shaft of the moonlight! I found myself in a very illuminated and ecstatic eternal present.
So much information coming through.. I was never before so content with the silence, and my heart expands into the limitless joy, it is overflowing.. I breath in and out in gratitude..
At the other times my spirit wants to sing..I am opening so much deeper into the medicine singing, becoming a pure vessel for the ancient flame.. I realize that jumping into the unknown in perfect trust ~ that's what I love to do the most!..
I am also getting better and better at surfing the dreamtime with my didgeridoo, riding on my breath.. and there are also always the crystal bowls..
My heart is so pure and clear, that it attracts the hummingbirds by its sweet nectar..I can see and hear them buzzing around. We are the little eagles being taught of how to fly in freedom, sharpening our awareness.. we are like born into a whole new world! The old unhealthy patterns just naturally fall away..the ties are being cut.. I am like a flowing river again, replenished with a dense liquid rainbow light!

We also just changed the new art show in our gallery..This one is called the Flowering ~ a community blossoming. Over 130 of local artists showed their art on our walls.



I have a dream one night, that I am going into a place that is free from the modern, man-made laws, and limitations, and where the new kind of freedom reigns..living in harmony with nature, and remembering the old ways. I am visiting a flowing stream, and witnessing a very strange phenomena of holographic glowing water. There were the temple structures, from where I could hear a very beautiful ecstatic singing flowing. I was interacting with different people, and at one point I saw myself riding my bike, and pedaling as fast as I could.
Couple weeks later I was dreaming that I am purging very intensely, releasing the old, and my partner with one of my friends were assisting me in the process, where I had no choice but to surrender myself completely.

Few weeks later thank's to the assistance of the same friend from my dream, I am finding myself in a paradise on Earth.. very lush, oasis-like place, with the living sacred waters flowing. It happened to be a very potent time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus, the window of an opportunity to break through, into the new paradigm.
When I was leaving home I was blessed by a hummingbird spirit encounter, and driving through one of the villages I saw a magnificent peacock right next to the side of the road!
I came to a destination, and I had to face a lot of my shadow, the remaining old emotions of insecurity, and fear, and feelings of separation that needed to be deeper acknowledged, and released. When I did fall asleep in the first night, I've dreamt of being dressed up very beautifully, like a native american woman, in a light leather dress and shoes. I am standing on the side of the road with my partner, and some other woman, and we are looking across the fields, where the coyote is chasing a bull. Then all of the sudden a majestic black wolf jumps out right in front of us, and lets for us to see his mature body with a great detail. In another dream sequence I see myself looking at a tree, and discovering there few of the owls, like slowly emerging from the invisible, starring at me very intently with their big yellow eyes.
I've found myself in a place from my dream, and with the other people we gathered in the circle around the sacred fire. We were taught about the ancient traditions of this land, and its plant spirit medicine, the old ways of the native people of this country, and of Mexico. We were singing and praying all night until the sunrise, breaking our hearts open, exploring the mystery. I was sitting right next to my friend from my first dream, and right behind a big beaded Huichol jaguars head. I saw a big spider crawling right inside of it!
At this magical night peacock totem entered my life even more powerfully, after I had the experience of vision of merging with it, becoming it, experiencing it like from inside, and being able to see with a great detail the luminescent, glistening in the full rainbow spectrum hues, on the top of the deep blue, and turquoise feathers. Peacocks medicine offered for me an assistance with the transformation of the old patterns that were not serving for me anymore, and giving much strength and power. The act alone of coming here on my own, and for so long, leaving my daily surroundings, was deeply empowering and liberating.

At this time I feel like I entered deeper into the eternal present, a wakeful state of mindfulness, taking a full responsibility as the creator, interconnected with all living beings. I am learning a great deal, and there is so much expansion of clarity and focus, that I am finally able to discipline myself better in my studies and daily practices, expanding in so many areas. Feeling very blessed, and excited to continue my work and growth! Aho!


Cosmic Mind

Very powerful tools for ascension and deeper expansion into the cosmic awareness..

Prayers for the Earth

..Feeling deeply blessed and honored again, to participate with my artwork in this magnificent album dedicated to our Divine Earth Mother!;) I've been admiring Amir's work for many years, ever since coming across his album called "Yalda".


Water Blessing

The dream vision comes with a very lucid detail, of me standing inside of the house. I look behind the window, and I see the ocean rising, the gigantic waves sweeping, and cleansing everything on the way. I remember thinking that in order to survive I need to go outside, and in the full trust to let the waves to carry me..

The planets aligned for us to visit the next day the sacred pools, with the loving waters of the Mother flowing. My prayers and intentions were whispered. Our bodies got perfectly ready and open, to be carried way beyond the constrains of the conscious mind. I was reborn in these waters, sinking, surrendering, and reaching the stars at the same time. Cleansing all the denial from the very beginning of the times, claiming back the power, opening deeper to the pure divine nature, remembering the ancient songs..

Even if my body sometimes falls, I forgive myself, and release the energy, creating the beauty out of it, accessing the pools of the wisdom deep within, waking and healing my whole being. I open myself up to the free flow of the information embedded in the divine energy flowing through the divine instrument of my body vessel, in gratitude for the each breath..in gratitude for the water.. merging with the loving light of my essence.


Star Seed

These last couple weeks of the gem and mineral show, with Temple of Eden once again being activated at the Galactic Center space, brought on a lot of great opportunities for growth, healing, and expansion of the awareness. Temple took life on its own, with all the global community moving through, gathering like at the great convergence of the star family. We were hosting here art of some of the best visionary artists, we were being activated through the dance, and work with the sacred sound. The real flowing fountain with the waters from all over the world was created here, and it turned into a great sacred altar. In the middle of the floor was placed over 500 pounds heavy quartz crystal ball, around which we danced and gathered in the circle. My role this time that evolved naturally, it was to hold the space through the initiation of the spontaneous sound sessions in the caves, and doing art live, sharing with my creative process.
At this time I had a wonderful chance to connect with my divine potentiality in direction of my work with the sound, becoming a channel and instrument for the divine energy. I was able to share with the song of my soul, truly from the depths, singing with many voices, taking others in journey with the sound of the bowls, sharing with the great medicine of this powerful vessel. We greeted the year of the water snake very powerfully, gathering in the circle, working with the energy of the Great Mother. In one of the nights I was honored to participate in the seven7sisters ceremony with Starsinger. We were singing the Aloha Ke Akua Invocation, playing the crystal bowls, anchoring the pillar of light, honoring the Goddess and our ancestors. I feel very blessed to have a chance to learn these sacred songs, and to sing them with my sisters. When my Eye is open, I see the light that my voice holds..it is for me like reclaiming of the ancient flame, that has the power to heal, and awaken.. When my heart is open, my voice flows freely without the obstructions, expressing the divine..
Doing art live I am not as efficient, as when I am working in solitude, and working with my favorite music that deeply drives me, but it feels very important to share, and to listen to feedback. I connected with so many beautiful beings during this time, that also deeply inspired me in many ways. Alex and Allyson Grey gave a workshop here, that brought on a lot of important reminders about the directions that my art needs to take, to continue to expand in the most powerful ways. We were all drawing models, and meditating on the chakras. It felt very surreal to have them in our space, on the background of the caves;) It was wonderful to connect with Alex, even if just for a little bit. There is a lot of great potentials for the developments in the future.
Here is a link to the album with photos that I did during this time, including the process of creation and transformation->>

We are heading right now straight into the change of the art show in Solar Culture:


Gem & Mineral Show 2013

Today is a very special day of activation.. Each night at the Galactic Center space from 5pm - 2am the Temple of Eden will be open for everyone to enjoy. Offering a sweet, sacred, creative, yummy space for the global community to gather, share, dance and live LOVE together. The Temple of Eden is a sanctuary for all sentient beings, a precious chance to gather together and seed our sweet love and piece of peace into the the hearts of each other and into the matrix of the stone allies we're converging with.
At Solar Culture we will activate and illuminate through the art of dance, at the DJ event presented by the Firefly Collective from Flagstaff.


The Recent Cover Artwork Collaborations

I feel truly blessed that part of my job here this time on Earth is to unite my visions with the work of some of the greatest masters of sound!;)
In truth my art it is the sound, it is born in surrender to music, and from its power.. My art comes from my sound journeys deep within, into the center of my being.

Igneous Flame ~ Harmony Through Conflict
Steve Roach ~ Soul Tones
Extatic Continuum ~ Transpersonal : Beyond Cerebrotonia
Timas 23 ~ Live at Solar Culture Gallery 2011 ~ vinyl record
Broken Harbour ~ The Geometry Of Shadows


Return To The Center

"To the East: to the new day, to the Light Within/Without. To golden eagle. To illumination. East, Gate of the Morning, thank you for the moving airs, for the awakening of life. May my eyes lift to see the freedom of the birds. May my thoughts be in awareness of the gifts of each moment. To the East: I call for your power and spirit to come in."
"To the South: to Trust and innocence. To the Little Mouse. To white tailed deer, to the good road home. South, sacred fire of creativity, I seek your vitality in healthy alliance. Thank you for the teachings of relationship; for music, dance and art, those things that carry joy and communion. I pray that my life may unfold in harmony with my kin in all realms.To the South: I call for your power and spirit to come in."
"To the West: to the Dark Waters of Looking Within. To black bear, brown bear, to raven. To the medicine path. West, power of places between the worlds, I turn to you seeking passage into the depths of knowing and unknowing. Thank you for the lightening and the cleansing rain, for those things that teach compassion and nourish understanding. Thank you panther, for the medicine of solitude and the silent stalking for truth.To the West: I call for your power and spirit to come in."
"To the North: Home of the old ones and those gone by. To the wisdom place, place of White Buffalo and Snow Leopard, Moose and Beaver. North, Spirit’s mountaintop, I turn to you for wisdom. In the place free of shadow I seek perspective and a path of service. Thank you for the gifts of lodge and sustenance. I pray to live upon this gracious earth with remembrance of gratitude and with respect for my elders in all realms.To the North: I call for your power and spirit to come in."
"To Mother Earth, enfolding all beings with the beauty of compassion, nurturance creativity and peace. Hear my prayer for the two-leggeds and the four leggeds, for those who fly and crawl and swim and walk and run, for all children of the Mother."
"To Father Sky, encircling all beings with the light of protection, warmth, clarity and vision. Hear my prayer and grant me the courage to bring the radiance of my true Self out into the world, and the humility and self-esteem to foster the radiance of others."
"To that place within my being where the 6 directions meet. May I live today from this center of wholeness and balance."
"Thank you for this day. Thank you for this opportunity to serve. " "Great Spirit, hear me. This one calls to you."