Healing Waters

I was gifted in these days with a beautiful and profound dream visions. Together with the other people we are driving a boat through the ocean.. The water is crystal clear and very pure..turquoise in color, but more going into the light blue..
I see with a great detail fantastic rich textures and hues appearing on the surface of the waves, and I dive into them with my perception.. Waves are growing bigger to the point where they are really huge, but this time instead of fear - we choose to flow with them..and we catch the air, and we have a blast! Then I see myself standing below the mountain..and this light blue crystal clear water pours down, and bathes me..I feel bliss.. Next I remember sitting inside of a car, and the window is open.. The bird being with a very long neck and a little head appears in the space in between, and checks me out..he touches me gently with its beak.. This dream brought to me in the next day the experience of crystal clear vision, and my mind was evolving around the idea of liquid light;)..
In the recent time I have a lot of visitors from the bird tribe! Few weeks ago I landed in the garden of my grandparents, and I had a very close encounter with a stunningly beautiful peacock, that apparently was trying to get my attention..
In another yet day I had the vision of a magnificent eagle in the sky, that also I could see in a great detail..in the air this eagle was held on the two sides by the two even bigger birds with their claws! I think it was two condors..
We are right now changing all the art in our gallery. For the new art show first I was going to finish my oil painting with iguana lizard, but having a desire to bring it to a really high levels I gave up on rushing with completion. Then I decided to push myself really hard, and to finish my new drawing..but yesterday while working on it, the picture spoke to me that I can't push the river to flow faster..relax into the present moment that is perfect..give yourself more love! So I decided to listen to this voice, and I realized that I have all what I need already;)
It is truly mind blowing what kind of energy is going to happen in our new building!!
For the Gem and Mineral Show that is coming up in these days will be created "Temple of Eden" by a truly wonderful and radiant beings.
There is some information on flyer, and more on their website..

Ahh, so exciting! It feels like our whole block is like a spaceship that is about to take off!;) It is a powerful time!


the new paths

Wow! Throughout the day happened to me things that blew my mind, expanding deeper my gratitude of how blessed I am!
Even if again I failed with some of my actions according to my judgements, and if I dived back into my pain and frustration, I learned really a lot, and I experienced a transcendence. I am facing the infinite love and forgiveness of the higher forces of the Universe, and I meet with the parts of myself that are already in a great mastery.
Crazy thing happened, as at the evening..another woman visiting me, sitting at the same place as the first one from yesterday, started to cry in front of me, facing and releasing her darkness..and again I found myself in a situation when I serve just through the listening and witnessing..
This led me into going back to one talk, teaching exactly about the act of listening..
It is interesting that this is one of the main and the very first things we were doing when we came to this reality, and we were so poorly educated on this subject..or not at all..how to listen well, and to stay in the presence..or maybe this shouldn't be a surprise anymore! It is our job to reeducate ourselves.
Working on my new drawing I was also listening to another talk, discussing the new paths of creativity..
The main thoughts were evolving around our responses to what happens..that it really doesn't matter what happens, that it does matter how we do respond to a change..that there is or reaction or creative solution..
I believe it is a very precious thought that out of tragedy we have to create something that demonstrates what we learned. That's how we grow and move on..
So then even if we feel we did failed..if we follow this thought, this failure turns into the greatest teaching.
Our gifts are emerging in the darkness..and with them we have the power to change the world.
The miracle it is just a shift in our perception~~


tuning in..

It is very interesting that I got back to writing here exactly at this time! and now it is hard to stop! I suppose to be sleeping right now..
This day was so profound and deep to me..and I was reawakening powerfully into the new reality
I feel I need to state that the purpose of my writing here is sharing with my journey, dreams, visions, intuitive insights, tools..
with the light of divine inspiration, that hopefully will touch and stir your heart and soul, and will assist you in your own journey into the awakening of your creative fire..your inheritance..for you all who resonate.
From many years I feel like I am overflowing with this light, and I cannot stop it anymore..but all this time I learn how to create a free flow..how to work with this energy in a beneficial ways for all..
Writing here also it seems as a very good practice for me..communicating with the world..with the other parts of myself..
expanding my writing skills in this language..and for a better understanding of myself.
I was facing today a lot of darkness..and my own, and others..bringing the darkness into the light of consciousness..
In the late afternoon visited me one woman, to show me her new work for our new art show, and to share with the pain of tragical few recent months of her life. This meeting seems as something in so perfect order, as again I am reawakening myself to my job of an assistance, helping for people to see the light, even in the greatest darkness of the night of the soul..teaching them how they can create a new better reality for themselves, through their arts. I think I will start to work with this woman guiding her more, and I will see what I can do..
Later this evening I was drawing, finishing listening to the Science of Peace by David Wilcock, and this gave me some of the new important insights. I really recommend exploring his another talk on youtube, 2012 Event Horizon
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEyqT2_ricA ), it is very mind expanding. Reading at the same time "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek creates a really nice combo;).
Science of Peace made me going back to a higher visioning of a perfect thing happening across the street from us..
There was an old cemetery..then they built buildings on top of it with some horrible bar, then they took it all down, and they took out more than 1000 of graves. There was a budget and for digging the graves, and for the new building, there are plans for a new courthouse..but they spent most of the money on digging, and there is a huge empty space, right in the heart of the Tucson downtown. What a perfect order~~;)..I think it is very meaningful and huge that the land was blessed in this recent months through All Souls Procession happening in there..with over 20000 of people gathering...
I have this strange feeling, that as we enter into the new eon, there will be no need for the new courthouse anymore!~;)
So I keep visioning what would be the best possible scenario..
On our block there is a lot of generation of ecstatic energy already, and it will only expand, but in this spot, I see the vision of energy radiating from the center to the whole city..and after listening to the Science of Peace I think that the best thing it would be building a pyramid, where people also can bless their water...it doesn't have to be huge, just having the right proportions...pyramid surrounded by a community garden ordered also in sacred geometry..and eventually a farmers market, where you can get the best fresh organic produce! ahh..I love this vision!=) I feel I need to act upon it, I don't know yet how, what are the right people to reach, to seed the vision..or maybe I deeply have this knowledge..
Coming back to my drawing and working with the music, I realized much deeper how essential tool it is in my life, and I observed from a new perspectives how subconsciously and intuitively I use it in many ways, for healing and other work.. how my DNA changes being influenced by the sound..
I know I always keep doing it..but always it does gets deeper~


The new art show - Innerstellar - a community harmonization

The new art show in Solar Culture is coming up really soon!!

Now I only need to perform miracles to finish my new artwork for it~~;)
All it pushes me beyond my limits to create an unimaginable and that's wonderful..