I had today a very lucid dream vision, where I saw the wolf in a forest.
It was very intense and transformative day from many reasons..suddenly weather totally turned into the extremes, and from the heat we were faced with cold and very rainy day, for the first time in a very long time. All this different strange things were happening for people I know that seemed as very unusual. The perspective of passing through this day seemed as quite a challenging task. In one day we had two different events happening in two buildings. In the new temple space that we are creating in the Arches building we had a very interesting lecture with Jade Sol Luna on Asterian Astrology, in Solar Culture Gallery we had a concert with three bands, and we had to prepare food for everyone. The seminar with Jade was very fascinating, and opening us up into the new realities. The old ground suddenly was took away from under our feet, and a new world was shown. I feel like I learned so much of new things about myself! According to Asterian system my palace is Nomius. Ahh! Now I understand my connection with Thoth as he governs this sign! This also connects me to an elephant animal spirit..it is interesting to me that I placed an elephant on one of my main altars! It is right above my head when I am sitting here writing this message. Nomius is very nurturing, amongst other characteristics, like for example being very spiritual, artistic, creative, loving humanity.. and tonight while I was showing for Jade one of my recent videos that I made in homage for the Goddess, I realized deeper how I am constantly connecting with the archetype of a nurturing mother. For me ~ going beyond the role of being an actual mother by myself, and instead ~ directing my creative energy towards birthing new arts, and having my disconnection with my earthly mother, I see myself reaching beyond, connecting with the Great Cosmic Mother, the higher force. In this lifetime I was doing it more consciously intentionally since the very first time when she embraced me with Her unconditional infinite love, and when she opened up my heart. This happened when I went by myself to Nature, to an old forest, and I merged with all.
"Nomius, as the final Palace, synthesizes and absorbs the mysteries of the previous Palace. This knowledge is portrayed here by an all seeing eye. This symbol also contains two fish, representing the Sign of Pisces and the soul's journey after death."
That's also a very interesting thing to relate to as my current piece in progress where I am channeling my higher self, there this symbol appears, like coming from an opening of the pineal gland, and above..there are my staff! - the Caduceus!
Later I showed for Jade my astrological chart, and he is saying that I am also a double wolf! ..and the spirit of wolf has shown itself to me in my dream last night! it came from the unconscious of my mind;)..
I see a wolf in me definitely and I am realizing this deeper now..
Exactly at this night the moon is in the wolf sign ~ the Typhon Palace!
Typhon's theme speaking generally is growth and renewal through chaos and turbulence.
I am also relating deeply to soul's journey after death, I am Hagazussa dancing on the edge, traveling often beyond the veil.
I travel there to gain knowledge so I can bring it back to the earth, for visions, and guidance..to connect with my higher self, and to heal myself. Seeing myself as a Typhon I can understand deeper my attraction towards working with the darkness, my role of bridging the worlds.
Today I also finished a new video where I used some of my digital arts and nature photography. I was very inspired to work with music of Kit Watkins this time, I love his album Skyzone so much!
The sound evoked the images where I was mostly focusing on invisible works of Nature, my studies of the flow of the divine life force energy, visions that I see, and encounters with the nature spirits, entities..
It is journey inward, and everything it is sound constantly evolving..
In the Nature we are finding our True Self when we go beyond our little egos and we merge with All.

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