Focusing on the breath, learning to sense our connection with Earth and sky, and strengthening our physical body as a temple in which the spirit can manifest gives us the foundation for a spiritual practice.
A spiritual practice is a way of accessing the divine creativity that exists inside each one of us.
It is a process of finding our own strength and balance, of celebrating, with sound and silence, the essence of who we are. To realize ourselves as authentic spiritual beings takes a lot of physical and emotional stamina. We must be willing to face our fears and doubts. We must work to transform any feelings of separation we may hold. We must overcome any laziness or irresponsibility that is still with us. Beneath each of these states lies enormous reservoirs of love, power and authenticity, and the ability to deeply and honestly respond to life.
The word ''inspire'' means to breathe. To breath in, inspiration - to fill with spirit.
To inspire is to be filled with breath. When we breathe deeply we are inspired, filled with the creative energy of life.
- from the book by Diane Mariechild "The Inner Dance".

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