Primordial Fire

One day I got this black foam, and I started to explore the unknown, my unconscious mind. Recently I approached this piece once again, and I learned a great deal of new things about myself! I explored deeper my inner landscape and I got to know better other parts of me that needed my loving attention and embracing. They are my inner guides assisting me on my path, bringing back forgotten knowledge, helping to awaken me more fully to my true potentials, and to reconnect with the source.
The original is possible for viewing through the next 2,5 month in L.A., in Temple of Visions, together with some other smaller drawings.


Ancient Civilizations / Alien Technologies

Together with my partner we are going in this month to L.A., to Temple of Visions, to contribute with our creations in this very interesting group show!=)

Gates of Atlantida by Vladimir Kozlov

Another great album with my artwork is finally out on Atmoworks! Vladimir is a very talented musician from Ukraine, bringing lots of fresh energy through his work, excellent for creative use! I totally loved exploring this material, and traveling with it deep down within, passing the inner gates, reaching the states that surely were very well known for the lost Atlantean culture.
It is a great mind-bending and mind-transporting tool for exploring the treasures long lost in the depths..


In Meditarivm - "The Great Limbo"

The new release of In Meditarivm "The Great Limbo" with my artwork is finally out!!!=)
I remember long time ago discovering music by Olegh Kolyada, and I loved so much this very dark and ritualistic atmosphere..
I was listening to it over and over again, especially to the track Ischarioth Cultus, experiencing it deeply on myself.
Now few years later I have a great pleasure and honor to contribute with my artwork in his new release, where this track is included as well;)!!

In Meditarivm is a Ukrainian apocalyptic ritual & dark ambient project organized in 2000 by Olegh Kolyada known by his projects First Human Ferro, Ostarbeiter, and Oda Relicta. The albums like “Les Fleurs du Mal” and “Uterus” outlined the old school approach of the project clearly influenced by highlights of Morthound, Ildfrost, ConSono, or Archon Satani. "The Great Limbo" is based on the re-engineered early works selectively crafted anew in summer 2009 at Olegh's Oda Relicta home studio. An elusory history of the project proceeds with a special Wrotycz Records release.


In light of wisdom

Yesterday I saved some abandoned books before going to a dumpster. When I looked deeper into them I realized that I found such a great treasures! There were bunch of very old books about native american culture, with the most beautiful pictures that I ever saw, and books about their ceremonies, about gathering the plants from the desert, enduring seeds & creating crafts.
Amongst them there was also one of the first books by Carlos Castaneda, teachings of Sri Ramakrishna, and two books by Swami Amar Jyoti. What a great gift from the Universe! It is pretty incredible that they stayed like invisible for others. I wonder who was their previous owner..
I got already very absorbed in reading "In light of wisdom" by Swami Amar Jyoti..english language the same like for me isn't his mother tongue, but he speaks so beautifully the truth from his heart in his short poems..

here is some of my favorite fragments that I read so far:

In one spark of fire
there is the whole fire
it can ignite
whole cities and nations
one spark!

That's how the Truth
of one Person
from age to age
can shake the whole earth.


Desire excites.
Excitement may
elevate us
will depress us
Inspiration elevates
and further.


This is witnessing:
stand apart
from your mind
in the space.
lift up your mind
with the leverage
of your will.


It's dangerous
to be something;
it's foolish
to be nothing;
it's wise
to be everything.


Stop thinking
and start seeing;
then you'll know It.

The time you are trying to explain It,
trying to
understand It,
is the very time
you are missing It.


Freedom is not
Freedom is not
Freedom is
where you feel joy.

Without learning anything
you know everything
and having everything
you are not bound by nothing;
this is the true nature
of a free soul.


Cold hearted people
cannot have knowledge
nor can wise people
stop the love
from their hearts.


Forgetting that Being
you are lost
into the process
of becoming.
You get tied up
with becoming
all the time
you want to be this,
you want to be that.

You don't want to end
the becoming
into Being
wherein lies the whole secret
of becoming.

Becoming is itself not an independent
it's a radiation of Being,
it's a projection of Consciousness,
that basic eternal Essence
which Thou art.