This is our new art show in Solar Culture Gallery:

Sacred Space

In these recent two weeks I got totally absorbed in the temple, working every day on my Mayan Priestess, and forgetting on a while about all my other tasks. I am blown away by how much I've learned and grew through this experience and my interactions with people.. through witnessing the space being activated through all different kinds of energies, some of the best visionary art and crystals. We had here also some of the most amazing raw foods and raw chocolate! We had here every day empowering lectures, classes, and sacred ceremonies. We all were amazed watching it unfolding.
I've met with many truly wonderful and beautiful angelic beings, but also at the same time I've met with people that call themselves ''spiritual'', that are so much into light, that are blinded by it, and become ignorant and very leadest!.. I feel very blessed that through my life experience I've learned to own my darkness..!!
Today I came across these words: "You cannot help someone unless you become like that person".
If you think that you are higher than others it is so easy to fall into a separation..
Short time after that came through our doors a native looking woman wanting to see the gallery..I took my time to tell her about the place, then my partner's brother talked with her by a while.. Before leaving, she stood there with her soul uplifted, and in a deep gratitude and a great smile she thanked us, for giving her our attention..she tells that when she goes to the other galleries, she isn't met with much respect, because she doesn't look like she would buy a painting for $4000!
This experience alone deepened seriously my understanding of what we are doing here..
The temple next door is just starting, and this time we are realizing that we are the ones we were looking for, and we are taking responsibility for creating a sacred space where everyone is welcome!


Mayan Priestess activation.

It is so wonderful to meet with so many amazing spirits that are being attracted to the Temple of Eden and Solar Culture..
connecting also with other creative and powerful couples..and especially at this time..
we have here people from all over the world.
I feel blessed having now opportunity to connect deeper with Amanda Sage and her partner Mateo, and Aloria Weaver with her partner David Heskin..very beautiful souls!
At the beginning of this year I set my intention that I really want to learn deeper how to paint, to get to know techniques of the masters, to learn from the masters. I am blown away watching how universe answers me! I am doing right now live painting in collaboration with Amanda, she helps me to finish my piece Mayan Priestess, and she shares with her experience working with this medium.
What a better way to learn I could imagine with my little conscious mind??;) I am in a deep gratitude.
The priestess wanted to be brought to life exactly at this time.. so I am very curious how she will manifest, how she will transform, and I choose to surrender for the Great Spirit. She is a cosmic mother creating universes, she is in a dance, working with the life force energy..in essence all is Sound, in the constant movement..

And this is how our building looks right now!

The Mayan theme is strong;) this lovely picture was created by Ruben Moreno, a local painter, who has also Mayan roots.
This gigantic dragonfly decided to land on our building, and become our new guardian;)
It is interesting as very recently dragonfly was brought closer to my consciousness as one of my personal guides!


Messages from Ascended Masters

Today our space was blessed with such a great energy..
First we had here West African Dance class with Jade Beall, that is just incredible wild, beautiful and free spirit!
Shortly after that we had here a channeling session and sacred gong activations

Lilyana was delivering for us the messages of the ascended masters, and together with her partner they were changing molecular structures of our bodies through the sound.
I've met with them barely three days ago, but I felt such a strong connection with those people that we decided to put this event on the last while. It feels like meeting of the ancient family that you already knew before..

The new temple activation

Temple of Eden