the new paths

Wow! Throughout the day happened to me things that blew my mind, expanding deeper my gratitude of how blessed I am!
Even if again I failed with some of my actions according to my judgements, and if I dived back into my pain and frustration, I learned really a lot, and I experienced a transcendence. I am facing the infinite love and forgiveness of the higher forces of the Universe, and I meet with the parts of myself that are already in a great mastery.
Crazy thing happened, as at the evening..another woman visiting me, sitting at the same place as the first one from yesterday, started to cry in front of me, facing and releasing her darkness..and again I found myself in a situation when I serve just through the listening and witnessing..
This led me into going back to one talk, teaching exactly about the act of listening..
It is interesting that this is one of the main and the very first things we were doing when we came to this reality, and we were so poorly educated on this subject..or not at all..how to listen well, and to stay in the presence..or maybe this shouldn't be a surprise anymore! It is our job to reeducate ourselves.
Working on my new drawing I was also listening to another talk, discussing the new paths of creativity..
The main thoughts were evolving around our responses to what happens..that it really doesn't matter what happens, that it does matter how we do respond to a change..that there is or reaction or creative solution..
I believe it is a very precious thought that out of tragedy we have to create something that demonstrates what we learned. That's how we grow and move on..
So then even if we feel we did failed..if we follow this thought, this failure turns into the greatest teaching.
Our gifts are emerging in the darkness..and with them we have the power to change the world.
The miracle it is just a shift in our perception~~

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