Burning Man 2012

Over a month ago after seeing how slowly and inefficiently sometimes I seem to work, I had an intensified deep desire to transform it into the higher ideals. I asked the Universe to give me an opportunity to experience myself being pushed beyond of the all old limitations, and the ideas of what I think is possible. I expressed my intention of expanding of my creation, and deepening of my focus.

Here I got my wish!;) Our friend offered for us tickets to Burning Man festival, and we felt like because of this gift, and as it is our second attendance, we are obligated to come up with a collaborative installation piece, an art offering for the playa. When we started working on it we had something about 4 weeks left, and I got the challenge of creating in the shortest time ever two of the biggest pieces ever!! ..painting on the both sides of a 4x8 sheet of plywood. I ended up painting sometimes even 13 hours a day, pushing myself totally beyond, and getting so much deeper into my flow!! My partner created this hand cut wooden sculpture around it, and our friend created a metal frame with the base, so the whole piece spins, and dances with the wind!

I felt a deep calling to magnify this vision that came through me many years ago.. Here in symbolic ways I expressed the representation of my higher dimensional self, my cosmic mirror, spirit opened to the full divine creative potentials. This piece has been very powerful to me, acting as a bridge, showing the way. It marked the shift in my whole reality, from the need of constant facing of my shadow for healing, to tapping more into the highest capacities of my soul.

Literally we've spent a week on another planet, a very surreal dream reality, and nothing seems real after that!;) Our minds were blown away and inspired in the new unexpected ways. We were really happy to share with our first art offering for the playa, to represent our creativity. We like to think that is just a seed for something much bigger, and there is already the new grant vision emerging! We were also honored to contribute with our other arts in the Fractal Nation Gallery.

I had plans to paint live, to attend to many lectures, but my passion to dance took over a lot of my attention;) I've spent three nights following the Robot Heart bus deep into the playa, dancing until the sunrise. As we were traversing through the cosmic space, we were merging deeper with the land, traveling with the sound in surrender, visiting the other dimensions, translating the cosmic energies moving through our bodies.. It was deeply magical, healing and transcendental experience, opening me up to the crystalline core essence!!