To The Center

Coming back to an ancient land, to a sacred cave with the goddess tree alive..
where the bees still thrive, and the vulture rules the skies,
I surrender my human form, my ego, in a sacrifice for the divine.
Crawling through a mother's womb, where the winged rainbow snake dwells,
I am rebirthing myself again into a new life.
Soon I am one with her..
through the experience of nothingness ~ I become everything..
I shape shift into many forms.
She shows herself up this time as the lady of the waters,
She is the Source.
The tree assists me with opening up of my third eye into seeing,
and we breath together for a while, exchanging with energies and information.
My body opens up as a pure vessel through which the stream of consciousness can flow freely..
As the gate of my heart opens to a radiance of my true self ~ the fire of my voice liberates from the darkest depths.
With my sound I travel beyond form, and I bring new worlds into being.
Sitting on my rocky throne I have an ancient remembrance of who I truly am, and this knowing fills me with bliss.
I am letting the ancient ones to speak through me, as they come to greet me.
The spirits are very playful this time, and very eager to teach me new things..
I know it is part of my job to bring my learning back to the earth..
and that I need to share with this overflowing infinite beauty and inspiration
that I find when I look within..
to the crystalline core of my being.
Coming back through a birthing tunnel, following the light
I am coming across a beautiful black and red caterpillar
that is about to transform, to fly in freedom..
I follow the source to purify in a waterfall, and I swim in an emerald green pools..
am I dreaming? I ask myself..

The other night I dreamt about many raised cobras,
and I saw a very special moon, sending to the earth a shaft of light with dancing rainbows
I could see this light approaching me, and I felt this excitement..
I see a dancers, acrobats that are just incredible, flying very high to the air..
I am visiting the pools with the turquoise waters that were crystal clear..
when I am transported to our gallery, I can see myself dealing with some kind of a holographic arts on a very big formats
I am pretty sure that it is my art from the future..
This time around I am divinely guided to learn about the rhythms of vision, and I dive deeper into the sacred geometry realms..
the journey unfolds..

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