creating sacred space

The power of intention and its potentials are blowing me away. I finally finished painting of my new studio space, I moved some of my art and other things in, and I did some cleansing, setting up my intent. I want this room to be a sacred healing space for ritual and creation, a hall of excellence, a portal to the other dimensions. In the very first day one internationally renowned healer and drummer wanted to use this space for an individual healing sessions. First session he did with me, with divination, and drumming over my body, into my heart chakra, igniting also all other energy centers, blasting them open. The healing sessions lasted here by the three days, and I feel like through this energies happening here my space was greatly blessed.
In other days in our other building in Arches, in the space called Galactic Center, the same man was hosting his workshops, teaching about the rhythms of elements, divination, healing, traveling between worlds, and other shamanic techniques from the ancient traditions of african Dagara tribe. I feel like I did some progress with my drumming abilities, getting some of the nice fundamentals to work with. Now I only need to practice, to master each element, and from there I can expand further in all directions, playing freely from my heart. I also did learn some of the very important fundamentals about traveling between worlds. Before my problem was that I didn't had enough of protection. Now I travel to my power spot in nature, where the protection is created, and from there I am safe to move to the lower and upper worlds. So really what happened it is the deeper clarification of the process. When I am in the middle world, in my power spot, I am incorporating here my merkaba practice and unity breath meditation, also meeting with the spirits living there. One of my guides here is the rainbow winged serpent. I saw it in one of my visions while meditating there, and also I encountered this being once in 3D. The rainbow serpent, swallowing a bat, with wings on the both sides of the mouth! Traveling to this sacred cave I see myself sitting in a half lotus position, holding my staff, the caduceus wand. It is also a dimension when I communicate with a tree and rock people. Traveling to the lower worlds I travel to the center of the Earth, to the Earth's library, where I can access all the knowledge, and to communicate with ancestral spirits. Often I find myself emerging into a deep waters, and swimming with whales, and other creatures. Traveling to the upper worlds I like to travel into space, and other planets, also to my inner sanctuary that I've been creating and expanding for a while. It is also time to commune with the highest guides, and angelic beings.
Right now we are in Philadelphia on our East Coast adventure that will last 2 weeks. We are going to visit also New York and New Jersey shore. It is a good opportunity to break old patterns! Definitely we are going back to a Metropolitan Art Museum for more inspiration from the old masters=)


Burning Fingers

We just had here exchange of the whole exposition in our gallery. The ALIGNMENT is our team. For me personally it means deeper aligning with my higher self, and my life's purpose.. moving on..beyond the duality & old beliefs.. waking up to our hidden creative potentials, and activation of our forgotten light body vehicles. Waking up to Truth. Waking up into the present moment. Becoming a pure channel, embodying the Spirit, and expressing it more freely creatively in many ways.
This time we got the most of art than ever, and we were worried that there will be not enough of space. We filled our gallery up to the ceiling with creations of over 150 of local artists. So through the whole week I had practically to forget about my all other work, and give a lot of my energy out to a community, pushing myself beyond my limits.
It is always such a magickal process of putting all the art together..there is usually something about 300 or more pieces, one gigantic puzzle. I am totally following here my intuition and vision, also listening to the art, where it wants to go. With time I am realizing that really I create a big altar for the Goddess, and through uniting all the art there are created many deep stories. Each time we seem to grow and develop stronger, being inspired by creations of other people. It is very stimulating to live surrounded by it all every day. I feel so blessed.

During the art show opening I had very interesting and mysterious connections with some people. One of them was connecting me to some very special crystals that are linked with two different sacred temples/chambers, and he did read my energy through looking at me. Another man was playing so beautifully his harp in front of our building, so I sat next to him. He put his instrument next to my right ear, then to the left, filling my both hemispheres with celestial harmonies. I mentioned that I also have a similar harp that I'm starting to play, so he wanted to look at it. He did some really nice tuning to it!
I was so exhausted after the whole week so I decided that in Sunday I will do NoThing. It turned to be one of the most creative days of my life! I had this very lucid dream where I was walking the path of infinity, and it was literally a path in an eternity symbol shape. I was walking through many realities, seeing them in a great detail, and I was finding new ways. In my waking life I am admiring work of Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman, and in this dream I saw them and I had this knowing that I was following their foot steps walking this path. My day began from doing hundreds of photos of our new exposition. Then we hooked up our sound system, and microphone, and I sat on the stage with my harp and a crystal bowl, and I started playing. I was playing until I had blisters on almost every finger, and I felt like I took skin out of my fingertips! It was so painful..
I went downstairs to my studio, and despite the pain, I still wanted to play...after a while I felt like my fingers were on fire and burning, but thank's to that I could sense flow of the energy so much stronger..
After experience of harp playing I felt like the strings of my soul got tuned, and that a great healing occurred deep within me.
I felt like it affects my ability to hear music, and my free flow dance movement. I went into a meditation, opening my heart to an universal love. To be able to do that I had to face my darkness first, all that needed to be faced at this time to become later transformed. After a while I found myself in a great creative flow..creativity overflowing me. I was bathed in the light that flew through my body and my heart to my burning fingertips.
I am right now working on a new artwork for Esoteric, so I had a great opportunity to be really able to see the sound with my inner eye, to open up into visions that this music brings to me. I feel like through this work I got a really powerful force to handle, because in order to really get to it deeply, I have here to learn how to ride this energies.
I went in this day through a huge transformation on so many levels.. I actually feel like I reinvented my whole body, my whole system, I jumped myself dimensionally.. I was able to open successfully my chakras, to awaken my light body, and my hidden potentials. Life gets more and more exciting with this whole acceleration, and continues to expand. I am taking my power back, and I open myself into my natural radiance. I am tuning in..;)