creating sacred space

The power of intention and its potentials are blowing me away. I finally finished painting of my new studio space, I moved some of my art and other things in, and I did some cleansing, setting up my intent. I want this room to be a sacred healing space for ritual and creation, a hall of excellence, a portal to the other dimensions. In the very first day one internationally renowned healer and drummer wanted to use this space for an individual healing sessions. First session he did with me, with divination, and drumming over my body, into my heart chakra, igniting also all other energy centers, blasting them open. The healing sessions lasted here by the three days, and I feel like through this energies happening here my space was greatly blessed.
In other days in our other building in Arches, in the space called Galactic Center, the same man was hosting his workshops, teaching about the rhythms of elements, divination, healing, traveling between worlds, and other shamanic techniques from the ancient traditions of african Dagara tribe. I feel like I did some progress with my drumming abilities, getting some of the nice fundamentals to work with. Now I only need to practice, to master each element, and from there I can expand further in all directions, playing freely from my heart. I also did learn some of the very important fundamentals about traveling between worlds. Before my problem was that I didn't had enough of protection. Now I travel to my power spot in nature, where the protection is created, and from there I am safe to move to the lower and upper worlds. So really what happened it is the deeper clarification of the process. When I am in the middle world, in my power spot, I am incorporating here my merkaba practice and unity breath meditation, also meeting with the spirits living there. One of my guides here is the rainbow winged serpent. I saw it in one of my visions while meditating there, and also I encountered this being once in 3D. The rainbow serpent, swallowing a bat, with wings on the both sides of the mouth! Traveling to this sacred cave I see myself sitting in a half lotus position, holding my staff, the caduceus wand. It is also a dimension when I communicate with a tree and rock people. Traveling to the lower worlds I travel to the center of the Earth, to the Earth's library, where I can access all the knowledge, and to communicate with ancestral spirits. Often I find myself emerging into a deep waters, and swimming with whales, and other creatures. Traveling to the upper worlds I like to travel into space, and other planets, also to my inner sanctuary that I've been creating and expanding for a while. It is also time to commune with the highest guides, and angelic beings.
Right now we are in Philadelphia on our East Coast adventure that will last 2 weeks. We are going to visit also New York and New Jersey shore. It is a good opportunity to break old patterns! Definitely we are going back to a Metropolitan Art Museum for more inspiration from the old masters=)

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