Cosmic Mind

Very powerful tools for ascension and deeper expansion into the cosmic awareness..

Prayers for the Earth

..Feeling deeply blessed and honored again, to participate with my artwork in this magnificent album dedicated to our Divine Earth Mother!;) I've been admiring Amir's work for many years, ever since coming across his album called "Yalda".


Water Blessing

The dream vision comes with a very lucid detail, of me standing inside of the house. I look behind the window, and I see the ocean rising, the gigantic waves sweeping, and cleansing everything on the way. I remember thinking that in order to survive I need to go outside, and in the full trust to let the waves to carry me..

The planets aligned for us to visit the next day the sacred pools, with the loving waters of the Mother flowing. My prayers and intentions were whispered. Our bodies got perfectly ready and open, to be carried way beyond the constrains of the conscious mind. I was reborn in these waters, sinking, surrendering, and reaching the stars at the same time. Cleansing all the denial from the very beginning of the times, claiming back the power, opening deeper to the pure divine nature, remembering the ancient songs..

Even if my body sometimes falls, I forgive myself, and release the energy, creating the beauty out of it, accessing the pools of the wisdom deep within, waking and healing my whole being. I open myself up to the free flow of the information embedded in the divine energy flowing through the divine instrument of my body vessel, in gratitude for the each breath..in gratitude for the water.. merging with the loving light of my essence.