inner earth

I had a beautiful dream the other night! Though the true beauty of the visions that I saw it is really hard to translate into words!
I am in the desert and nature is so stunningly enchanted! I am in bliss looking on all the colorful flowers and other amazing plants. I am finding on the ground feathers, one by one, and I am collecting them in my hands. I am looking below the rock, and I am finding even more! Someone left there the whole stack of them, and they were like waiting for me. I am looking at all the feathers that I found. There is a lot of very colorful ones, but I'm also recognizing two that came from the bald eagle, and one from the hawk. Later I find myself climbing the rocks very high, so high that it is a little scary to go down, however I manage later to find my way. Yet before going down I look behind me, and I look very deeply into the earth, discovering such an amazing caves! I am again in ave and state of blisss..I am ascending through going within..



One of the things that Iguana teaches me it is patience. I was going to rush with finishing this piece for the new art show in our gallery, and to push myself really hard, but this time instead I am learning how to relax, and I let for her to unfold in the right time.
I take my time to observe deeper and deeper, and to finish it to the best of my abilities and beyond!;) These are really great studies for me, and I'm glad I returned also to this medium..it opens new great possibilities that I am definitely going to explore more!
This magnificent and very ancient creature speaks a lot to me through the silence=)..


The Caracal Medicine

Few days ago came to me this wild kitty! I had much fun coming back to charcoal and dry pastel! My little fingers seem to love this medium and working more through touch..
I only now realized that the carakal aka desert lynx it is the biggest wild cat living in Egypt! it is very interesting to me..I feel deeply connected with this land and its ancient culture..
Last night this awesome creature came to my dream! I was hanging out with her by a long time in nature, and I was doing a lot of photographing from many perspectives..and many close ups..
The light was exquisite and often in a wonderful ways reflecting in her eyes..she didn't minded my presence at all, and was really patient with posing! She came to teach me some new things..


Transforming Nature

I am walking through the canyon and I walk into very deep and dark places in my mind
my intention is to be open to the universal love and to unite with my divine self, the path leads through hell.
The voice in me is telling how still I am bad with many things, I am full of guilt, and I am dragging with me the heaviness of my past.
I start to feel so ungraceful and so disconnected with my true self, that I am not able to appreciate incredible beauty of nature surrounding me!
I am facing all my shadow, and I stop close to the stream with exquisite flow..
I see the vision of the giving hand of Mother Nature, and with my tears I release all my negativities, I let go of my past, and the need of being perfect.
Almost immediately I feel very purified and healed, and my heart chakra opens, I return to the present moment
I can see again all this incredible beauty in every little thing!
leaving magical stream I walk few steps forward, and I am finding two wings of the black eagle or vulture!
My heart fills with even more joy and deep gratitude for the Great Mother for this gift
I thank for the bird, and I tap into its spirit
I feel like I got new powers to fly!
and I fly through the rocks..and I travel through space..
my soul sings and dances in the sacredness of the Now, remembering again who I truly am..

btw: anybody knows who created this wonderful picture???


~Ad Astra~

~I am a child of the earth and the starry heaven, but my race is from heaven~

..Search the stars for what we are
And find we need not look so far
Inside of us, deep down inside
Are kept the secrets of all time..


avant-garde jazzy night

Tonight in our house we are hosting Chicago Underground Duo!


Twilight language

The spirit of iguana keeps transforming my life, I am creating her practicing patience and being more aware, opening myself into two-level consciousness. She teaches me deeper about dreaming, shapeshifting and space traveling. Once she came into my dream as well. I am finding somewhere this beautiful and big lizard, and I am bringing her back to home of my grandparents, where I was growing up as a child.. On beginning she lays down motionlessly on the floor, we are standing over her, and we are wondering what to do. Suddenly her body starts unfolding and she is coming to life! She looks like she wants to be my friend! Jumping on my knees she embraces me in a hug, and I feel very well how she is sending to me love frequencies! I feel at this moment very blissfully.I am offering for her some water and an oatmeal. She jumps into the air from excitement, and she drinks water very fast. She jumps back on my knees again and I am touching her cold and rough skin.It feels really weird. I am very excited to wait until the morning when the light is right, so I can photograph her better. But then suddenly cats are coming into the house, and they want to kill her! In my "waking state" I love cats, but at that moment I am joining with her powers and we are making a good job with fighting them back.
In another sequence of the dream I am observing human-like figures with alien-like heads! And the voice is telling me that extraterrestrials are coming to the Earth!;)
I am writing "waking state" because recently I realized for myself deeper how often I am still asleep. It is interesting to me that through learning deeper about dreams, and becoming more and more conscious in them, at the same time I am learning a great deal of how to be awake and aware in this so called waking state. The process of creating is a great practice in this direction..it is a good time to observe and witness when you are really there in the present moment, becoming one with picture and sound, or if you are processing at this time with your mind many other things, traveling into the past and into the future. Creating in the presence is truly miraculous, and the whole eternity opens before you..
I returned to meditation with Green Tara deity, and she is presenting me with similar lessons.
In last month I also came back again to writing my dream journal, reminding for myself about importance of this act. I have a recall almost every day.
I had one very interesting healing dream when I got sick..
I am in Hawaii and approaches me one native and very athletic woman, she encourages me to go with her to swim in the ocean. I see her jumping and diving under the surface, and by a while I am standing on the shore, and I look to the sky. The sky is very cloudy but suddenly it appears there a magnificent intensely glowing rainbow! I am watching it in state of bliss and in ave. Then spherical rainbow surrounds my whole body, and I dive as well into the healing waters...In the next day I could feel the difference, and my body started to regenerate..
In another very special dream I was experiencing on myself deeply my opening into the true creative potentials. I am creating in bliss and in the perfect flow, and I am observing with my mind's eye the great visions all the time transforming, flowing so effortlessly..