Serpent of Light

We are back from our East Coast adventures. It was very refreshing experience making me to appreciate the desert world where I live so much deeper, also getting me even more motivated and inspired. It was an interesting journey on many levels. From one side we were in this big polluted by modern technology and overpopulated cities, but offering for us a great mind expanding experience of some of the greatest art and culture. At the same time I was reading a book by Drunvalo Melchizedek called Serpent of Light, so I was traveling with my mind all over the sacred sites, moving with the Earth's kundalini energy.
I feel like born again, overflowing with divine inspiration, and very excited about what is to come!

(...) Dreamer is about to wake up and realize that it is dreaming. Even more importantly, the Dream itself of living on this planet can now be changed. This is the key!
Dream is really only light and intention. The portal to the 4D will begin to open wide for those who know. It means that we are out of time. We must really take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and emotions now. For each one of us is the Dreamer. And what we dream will become real in this world. (...)

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