Dark Moon medicine

In the dark of the Moon
my being is tuned to ride spiral downward,
to face, release, and transform the old,
to ride a cosmic wave, and rise towards the transcendence and mastery, higher frequency.

I had pretty difficult passing through this time at the beginning. The old perceptions, masks, and illusions needed to dissolve, and there was still so much of the wounded self, that needed the empowerment.. Intuitionally I knew that it is a great opportunity to do a serious self-healing session, using this energy for acceleration of the growth and development.
I was working very intensely on my drawing while witnessing and processing anything that was arising in my mind. At some point I broke through my projections. I came back to an innocent playfulness, an infinity of the present moment, the space of the Heart. I was healing my Self with the light of every breath, opening deeper to the flow of cosmic energy.
My soul is soaring very high through the stellar skies, exploring the new heights of creative potentials, planting the new seeds of higher visions.
We can create truly when we relax into Being! The experience of Life itself..
With a new found appreciation I am looking on things exactly as they are, without the need to change anything.
I am emerging into a new reality..


Stellar Vistas

Last night I had very intense dream visions where I was gaining a new perspectives.. drifting somewhere in a deep space, in the state of ave, I am observing this amazing colourful stellar scapes. I feel like I am reborn into a new world.
I have still a memory of this extraterrestrial being looking inside of my body, scanning it, and telepathically communicating to me that I have all experiences designed for me to look deeper within, to see the Truth.
In recent time my love for astral space traveling with sound expanded unimaginably, and exploring of the cosmic awareness became my huge passion. Diving deeper into NLP I also trained myself in these directions in many different ways. I am applying hypno-peripheral processing technologies and binaural beats. So at my drawing sessions, going deeper into the present moment and relaxation, I am going into a trance states, where I am often bilocating my mind, learning different things, and perfecting my skills at the same time.
Simultaneously I am waking up more to my role as a priestess of the Great Mother, the Rainbow Serpent Goddess.
I am bridging the worlds, on my way of return into a free flow. Merkaba meditation and Unity Breath are very useful tools.
Recently I got really hooked on Qigong practice. This is just another way of working with the life force energy, enriching all other ways. I am becoming more and more sensitive with each session, I learn how to run and direct energy, heal myself and heal the others, and how to ground myself more effectively.
I am waking up on so many new different levels as conscious co-creator of my reality. Today it was for me a powerful day, when I was exploring the unknown territories. Going beyond my comfort zone, I pushed myself beyond my fears, with the intention of growth. I feel like I just slipped into a new awareness, into a new world, where I can be myself more freely. Staying in a higher frequency, I was untouched by all the madness happening around me, I just simply missed it all, and I wasn't pulled by it down. I am also making more space for listening, so I am tapping better into the stream of consciousness, where I am able to respond objectively, beyond automatic reaction.
Being an artist it isn't all, it is just one part of our birthright.. all different ways that we learn how to release and transform energies through using them creatively. But we have to remember that it is not so much about doing, but being and experiencing.. that the base for everything it is our work with invisible in this very present moment. Weaving our destinies with our every expression, we create, and destroy. And the end it is just a beginning.



Always since I've met Louria I was thinking that I would love to photograph, paint or draw her! Here it should be very obvious Why;) Her face have such a stunningly beautiful features! She is a soul and jazz singer with a very powerful voice, and a very loving heart! Recently we did our first little photo session..


Serpent of Light

We are back from our East Coast adventures. It was very refreshing experience making me to appreciate the desert world where I live so much deeper, also getting me even more motivated and inspired. It was an interesting journey on many levels. From one side we were in this big polluted by modern technology and overpopulated cities, but offering for us a great mind expanding experience of some of the greatest art and culture. At the same time I was reading a book by Drunvalo Melchizedek called Serpent of Light, so I was traveling with my mind all over the sacred sites, moving with the Earth's kundalini energy.
I feel like born again, overflowing with divine inspiration, and very excited about what is to come!

(...) Dreamer is about to wake up and realize that it is dreaming. Even more importantly, the Dream itself of living on this planet can now be changed. This is the key!
Dream is really only light and intention. The portal to the 4D will begin to open wide for those who know. It means that we are out of time. We must really take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and emotions now. For each one of us is the Dreamer. And what we dream will become real in this world. (...)