Solar Culture Virtual Tour

Finally it is possible to have an insight into our gallery/home through a virtual tour! Funny that I am sharing with it exactly today, as we just finished hanging the whole new art show!;)


Dream Craft

One of the biggest influences of me going for the first time to Burning Man, it is my mind expansion in direction of electronic music dance scene;) I was dancing since I can remember, doing free flow dance following my intuition, and it became a very important part of my daily creative sessions..but it was always very hard for me to dance with other people because of my musical taste, that was always so very different. We went to BM with people that are very into dancing to house music, so I was kind of horrified on thought alone, of how I will be able to have fun with this kind of music!! I was never into this kind of beat, but always open to explore the new. However being there in the present moment, and flowing with it, merging with the sound, and the crowd, I absolutely loved it, and I had so much fun!! It is like a completely new language evolving, I am exploring sound in a very new ways with my whole Being.
After our return it is like this kind of dance scene came back home with us, and came along this woman that started up monthly dance events called Dream Craft. Tomorrow it is happening the fourth one, and I feel so deeply hooked, and excited about it! I am usually pushing myself beyond my limits, dancing for many hours, until it is hard for me to even walk in the next day;))
At the beginning I am usually focusing on doing a lot of healing work, looking within, connecting deeper with my body and spirit. After a while I am in a deep trance state, in a full presence, and with my light body fully activated..I am bathing myself in light, connecting with my higher self, exploring the new patterns. My belly dance and qigong background are deeply enriching my whole experience. In my dance I love to tap into the snake medicine, and to shape-shift beyond my body. We have here all different kinds of DJ's..a little bit of everything..some psy trance, dub step, electro, progressive, and house..
We come together to celebrate life, to pray, to worship the Goddess, and to dream a New Earth into being!


Sacred Spirit

I haven't been able to write here in a while, and my intention is to come back to this practice..
I need to focus more of my attention on making my website a better working tool, so in better ways I can share with what I came here to offer..with my Being, the true expression of the light of my Spirit through my arts, my stories, journey guided by the sound, and the wisdom from the experience.. so hopefully you can drink an inspiration infinitely from this well.. and benefit from my ways to heal and transform.
We are all such a great storehouses of information..through sharing we can assist each other in our growth and development, in our very unique journeys, yet being united as One.
I have a very simple, and short, yet profound dream one night, where I am gifted with a blooming white flower from Mother Gaia!
The other day I traveled to the very dark realms, to bring back the light of my true voice, that was repressed over the ages through the catastrophic events, and other dramas. I realized more clearly how powerful force it is, and I saw my further path of working with this medicine. I could just surrender fully, and let the voices of the ancient ones to speak through me. Also in my dreams at that time there was surfacing something as I perceive as the old repressed memories. At first I was witnessing the splashes of a rainbow over the horizon..then through the sky there were moving very fast white-blueish lights, and I saw something like a very unusual storm raging, and the view clearing up into something like a massive globe approaching the Earth. After this I was sucked into the ocean, yet staying on the surface, I was riding the waves.
Very shortly afterwards I participated in a Medicine Song Ceremony being led by Phillip Cash Cash aka Piitamyanon MaqsMags ("Yellow Hawk"). He was born and raised on the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation in northeastern Oregon and is a Weyíiletpuu (Cayuse) and Nuumíipuu (Nez Perce) person. Phillip is a younger speaker of Nez Perce, a severely endangered language. Whenever I heard him speaking before, I had always shimmers traveling through my body, and this gathering impacted me to the core of my being. By a long time we were singing, drumming, rattling, waking up the Earth with the staff, and asking the Eagle Spirit about an assistance in our own healing, and healing of humanity, sending out our prayers..
I thought that I am already so spiritual, and very awake..a very well experienced cosmic traveler to the inner realms, yet the great healing, and radiance I was opened to in the next full moon day, made me realize how still very asleep I was!
I was following my intuition with all my actions.. and I see that coming across this footage with an opening to the inner Earth, and having chance to hear the sound from within, had also a great impact on me, and it expanded my awareness..

I did my private full moon ceremony, going within. My intention was to see the truth, and I had to break through so many layers of illusion! The crust was very thick, on the way to the core, and I had to pass through a serious testing. Work with my voice, the crystal bowls, and drum was of a great assistance with passing through all the layers, and darkness that I had to face at this given time. It came to me a deeper acknowledgment of all living beings, visible and invisible, and this awakened spontaneously even deeper feelings of compassion, a need of my honoring, and being more giving.
I could See my molecular structures rearranging, like I am transforming into a very new Being. Looking at anything, the highest vision was given to me, and I was in touch with my divine guidance. My art studio is underground, across the street from where there was before a very old cemetery, but with bodies moved to the other location. I could see so many spirits moving through my wall, and from the underground! However at this point, they were not scary for me at all, as I was centered in my heart space. Intuition guided me to find my place of power in this room, where there is an opening to the earth! A hidden portal got fully activated, and in a shaft of light I sat, meditating for a very long time..working with my breath, opening myself to the stream of information flowing through me, getting an access to an Earth's library. Ahh..how I love these states of all knowing=)!!
Soon I was truly blessed by a visit of the radiant Eagle Spirit, together with company of other winged ones!! I could feel strongly an assistance in my healing, and I felt like the light of my Spirit is back, and I am again fully empowered. I was so fully present, so awake, discovering myself like for the very first time. Looking on my life's journey I cried from happiness. The great Eagle Spirit truly received our prayers, bringing them even higher, and gave me an insight into the New Earth, what brought a lot of inner peace, and bliss into my heart. We are re-membering and dancing again as One, celebrating life! We have so much light to share! We are overflowing with this great abundance!