Kati Astraeir is a multimedia mystical and visionary artist born April 1st, 1982 in Poland.

Art is for her a tool for shedding the layers of consciousness, on her journey to primordial spirit. It is the voice from beyond, the vision born from the sound, the expression of her true self, offering the gift of reflection and guidance.

Music is for her one of the main tools for bringing her visions forward, the vehicle to travel the astral planes, and it acts as the infinite reservoir of the ever overflowing inspiration. She creates in the trance states, in trust and surrender, following her intuition. This is the way she explores the space, the unknown, learning about herself.

Her childhood experiences pushed her deeply within, beyond body and ego, beyond pain, and into the dreamwork. Her Art was the only tool for survival, as she was using it to escape into her imaginary worlds where she could feel safe. Over the years she learned how to transform the energy, through facing her darkness and releasing through the creative act. She embarked on her healing journey and rebirthing process.

Kati has always been a deep spiritual seeker, founding connection with the Goddess in nature, while exploring the old forests. She was embraced by the wings of unconditional love, and this opened her own heart. The ancient oaks were her great healers and teachers, as Nature taught her how to become one with the surroundings, thus she started to learn from the visions in the trees about herself. She found an another infinite source of inspiration for her art, and capturing her journeys through photography, which turned to be another great tool for healing, and continual expansion of awareness.

After finishing art school, she was pushed deeply within again, giving up all conditioning from society, in the search of her true self. She started to remember of who she truly is, her divine purpose this time on Earth, opening up to the cosmic awareness.

After many years facing the darkness, everything shifted with one little ink piece, where she expressed a vision of her higher-dimensional self. Ever since, this simple yet powerful vision acted as a bridge, leading her on a journey, shining the light in the dark. Kati has begun more frequent tapping into her divine self, also having the experience of working with deity energies, plant spirits, and extraterrestrial intelligence. Throughout her healing journey, she experienced healing from many lifetimes, claiming her power back. Soon she realized that art is also a great tool for creation of her reality, and she used it for manifesting a new life, asking the universe to send her to the most perfect place for her growth and development.
Kati continues her journey in Tucson, Arizona, at Solar Culture. Her home is also a community gallery, an art and music venue, with the ever circulating art of over 150 local artists, and concerts with music from all over the world. At the present moment she is also working on the empowerment with her expression through sound, taking her voice back, also assisting other women in the process. She continues her work, opening her body vehicle as a divine instrument and a vessel, learning different ways of how to work with cosmic energies. Through her art she hopes to inspire a deeper connection with the source – our inherent creative spirit, and to assist others on their own healing journeys.

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