playa tech house

Feeling so blessed to experience sets by DJ's like Damian Lazarus live on the dusty playa dance floor!!;)
it is music for the deep experience through the dance movement in surrender, until you move through the layers of consciousness, ages of conditioning, and awaken your light body..
so you can traverse again freely through the cosmic space of your awareness..
it is highly evolved spiritual technology, high consciousness streaming..
tune in into this bliss frequency >*<



Light of Sundays by Steve Roach


Goddess Gateway

One of my recent drawings..
I'm feeling like evolving this design further, and creating the whole series in many different mediums..
I really love working in this shape, and with the goddess energies!^^

Steve Roach live in Tucson at Solar Culture's Galactic Center

Steve Roach Live in Tucson at Solar Culture's Galactic Center,
February 14th and 15th 2014 at 8pm.
Advance tickets ($22 including fees) are suggested to guarantee your place at the event, but will also be sold at the door ($20)

Steve's Tucson concerts are always special, as there is no place like home. Immerse thyself in the deep end of the soundcurrent at Solar Culture's Galactic Center, complete with meditation caves in the back corners of the environment. The center is an intimate performance space in downtown Tucson, Arizona. The shows will be part of the pinnacle weekend of the multi-week Tucson Gem and Mineral Show which brings a large global culture into the entire city.
Capacity is just under 100 per show. Part of the room will be open for on-the-floor seating, using your own mode of comfort. BYO cushions, pillows etc.
Featuring visuals by Kati Astraeir.

With his distinctive melange of analogue and digital synthesisers, acoustic instrumentation and highly imaginative soundscaping, Steve Roach is a giant in modern ambient and one of the most respected electronic musicians in the world. He¹s been noted for the deep inspiration he draws from the European electronic tradition, and you can certainly hear the legacy of German psychedelic electronica and spacemusic throughout his work; sometimes not in melody, but certainly in its atmosphere and large, reverberant spaces. Another major source of inspiration for Roach is the desert wilderness, including the starkly beautiful deserts and wide open spaces of his Arizona home which continue to color his music to this day. After four decades of recording and performing worldwide his well of inspiration remains as deep as ever. Steve Roach has an enormous catalogue of releases for fans to explore. His total number of solo albums, collaborations and live recordings now numbers well over 100. Ever-productive, always thoughtful and refusing to be tied down to any one style, his music commands a large, devoted following and his innovations have inspired a whole generation of downtempo electro-acoustic composers and sound designers. Mike Watson - Australia >>ambientmusicguide.com.