Transforming Nature

I am walking through the canyon and I walk into very deep and dark places in my mind
my intention is to be open to the universal love and to unite with my divine self, the path leads through hell.
The voice in me is telling how still I am bad with many things, I am full of guilt, and I am dragging with me the heaviness of my past.
I start to feel so ungraceful and so disconnected with my true self, that I am not able to appreciate incredible beauty of nature surrounding me!
I am facing all my shadow, and I stop close to the stream with exquisite flow..
I see the vision of the giving hand of Mother Nature, and with my tears I release all my negativities, I let go of my past, and the need of being perfect.
Almost immediately I feel very purified and healed, and my heart chakra opens, I return to the present moment
I can see again all this incredible beauty in every little thing!
leaving magical stream I walk few steps forward, and I am finding two wings of the black eagle or vulture!
My heart fills with even more joy and deep gratitude for the Great Mother for this gift
I thank for the bird, and I tap into its spirit
I feel like I got new powers to fly!
and I fly through the rocks..and I travel through space..
my soul sings and dances in the sacredness of the Now, remembering again who I truly am..

btw: anybody knows who created this wonderful picture???

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