inner earth

I had a beautiful dream the other night! Though the true beauty of the visions that I saw it is really hard to translate into words!
I am in the desert and nature is so stunningly enchanted! I am in bliss looking on all the colorful flowers and other amazing plants. I am finding on the ground feathers, one by one, and I am collecting them in my hands. I am looking below the rock, and I am finding even more! Someone left there the whole stack of them, and they were like waiting for me. I am looking at all the feathers that I found. There is a lot of very colorful ones, but I'm also recognizing two that came from the bald eagle, and one from the hawk. Later I find myself climbing the rocks very high, so high that it is a little scary to go down, however I manage later to find my way. Yet before going down I look behind me, and I look very deeply into the earth, discovering such an amazing caves! I am again in ave and state of blisss..I am ascending through going within..

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