Rainbow Visions

We survived the new art show opening. In order to "finish" my new piece,three nights in a row I was drawing to 8am at the morning, with break on sunrise meditations. Through the whole time in the day we were hanging new art. In last night I didn't went to sleep at all, and I took only in Saturdays afternoon two hours of nap. Next time I choose to not do it for myself!

Though I'm glad I was able now to contribute with this my new creation..so I can move on to the new projects. The opening was great as always, and art it seems that is better and better with each time! I think we all inspire here each other through sharing with our visions from our sacred space within, in this sacred space without.

I feel so much better having lots of rest. I had today some of very profound and beautiful dreams! I was walking together with my partner in nature, near the very old and magnificent trees, and we see how two rainbows are forming in front of our eyes! One of them was a little further in the distance, and the other one was so very close to us! And they were so vivid and intense! This view gave me a feeling of deep bliss. I took my camera and I tried to capture this beautiful rainbows..and later I was looking closer to this majestic trees. They looked like few hundred old and were wonderful in shapes and textures. I think I saw there some of huge rocks too..
In the day time, afternoon, I felt like sleepy again and I took a nap in my studio.
This time I was seeing an amazing vision of a drawing with many cobras!

In this evening to bring myself closer to experiencing of my newest piece and inspired by the dreams, instead of pushing myself to do lots of work that "I should to do", I choosed to still myself, ground in the Earth, and awaken my kundalini energy in meditation, so I can build the rainbow bridge to my higher self.

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