Ad Astra!

My first solo art show here in Tucson was very humbling experience to me;p!
There was many wonderful things for which I am very gratuful for, though I ended up being sad about the whole thing at that day.
It is not an easy thing to be an artist!
It was good experience for me to see some of my art up on the walls, I realized deeper how much more I have still to learn. I am not that very happy with my painting side, and after long break with working in this ways I feel like a total beginner once again..but I am willing to transform it!;-)
I am reading right now two very interesting books..
"The Last Ghost Dance" - a Guide for Earth Mages by Brooke Medicine Eagle, and
"A Passion for This Earth" - exploring a new relationship of man, woman & nature by Valerie Andrews. This is so perfect for me on Now! I am totally absorbed and I am learning a lot!
From The Last Ghost Dance I feel like I expanded today much deeper my understanding about coming of a Golden Age, I looked into it from some new ways.
It is always very intriquing to me that one of my first very profound dreams from my early childhood that I remember, and which get stucked deeply in my mind by this all long time, it was a dream where I look into dark starry sky, and I see a map on this sky..I look closer, and I see the picture of Aquarius!
..the light-bearer who pours the water of Spirit down upon us from a beautiful jar..
I also noticed that few of my the most profound dreams in my life it was always the messages from the stars!~~;)
It is pretty exciting to live in this times!
On our journey home it is essential to reconnect once again to the Great Mother Earth and to the ancient wisdom that was forgotten..

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