Sacred Space

We are right in the middle of exchange of the whole exposition in our gallery. It happens three times a year..last time on our walls there were 125 of local artists showing their work, it happens that we have more.
This means that we had to take down all the art, each artist have up to 3 pieces..
We have three days when we are open for the new submissions, they all come with the new art and they pick up the old..we are accepting all the art, we take no commission, it is free to show.. We are putting everything up, we make labels for each piece and clean the space, and in Saturday evening the whole art community meets on a great opening. There is a potluck and everyone shares with food, and we have live local music on our stage. It is always so inspiring atmosphere! At this point we are usually exhausted, but it is always so worth to go through this all! My partner is doing it from many years..
It is for me such an inspiring experience to be surrounded by all this art! I feel I am learning through this a lot!
Traditionally at this time I am not sleeping much as I am putting myself in unimaginable challenges to finish my new pieces
Though I would love at least sometimes to break this pattern and to be more relaxed~~;)
On the other hand I know that I am doing it subconsciously intentionally to accomplish more and to make a good use of this energies..it always pushes me beyond..

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