Summertime Echoes

Entering into the fall season I am finally able to stop, and to reflect upon the recent months of summer..about how much of dramatic change and growth has occurred.. that was quite a ride!;)
I wasn't able to express too much through writing, yet I see the need of embracing the journey at this time.
I am the whole new being now, more lighter, conscious, awake, and complete.. Feeling very grateful, and blessed to be able to ride these powerful currents.
I am the space and the dreamtime traveler, and the sound is my fuel.
I had a very wide range of experience that shaped and influenced me, assisting in furthering of my healing journey. I had an opportunity to travel to the East Coast, where in perfect sync with the Grand Water Trine I was reconnecting with the nourishing Mother Ocean, and I got to study the arts of the great old masters in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and others. This time I decided to put down my camera, and instead of taking hundreds if not thousands of pictures as I used to, I picked up a pencil again, taking the time to do some sketching, to learn more in depth.

We attended to the two amazing art and music festivals..regional one - Firefly Forest gathering, and Burning Man at Nevada state, that brings together the global most creative community, riding the crescendo of the new consciousness wave. Both of these events were the great catalysts for my deep transformation, and the process of unfoldment.. I worked a lot through the dance movement, journeying within in surrender to sound, opening up my heart, and creation of the new collaborative art. Our newest offering for the playa is called the GoddessCraft.

I did the artwork in the middle for the both sides, my partner, Steven Eye did the wooden sculptural frame around it, and the general design, our friend Moises Orozco did all the metal work. It was a great honor for us to be placed halfway on one side, in between the Man and the Temple of Whollyness.

It is so much bigger than our selves, our arts coming together.. the whole birthing process it was a serious intensive labor;)..I learned so much more about the Trust, and allowing the space for the visions to come through.. I faced a lot of pressure with this one..
In this year I am experiencing a lot of dragonfly energy. After many weeks of exploring of the infinite possibilities, and not feeling like being fully set on any certain vision, I am having a dream that I am in nature, in one of my power spots.. I look up to the sky, and I see a gigantic, and magnificent dragonfly flying by, landing on my hand, and hatching on..I could feel our merging so intensely..to the point of the pain. This experience pushed me forward so strongly, so I was guided to put the whole vision together in an effortless manner.
GoddessCraft it is the Goddess Gateway, Cosmic Mirror to the higher-dimensional Self..the portal beyond the veil of illusions. I feel like through my experiences I was forced to reach up to these levels.

Before going to Burning Man for the very first time I used to hate music with beats.. After my third Burn - I am deeply inspired to become a DJ!!!;) My affair with a good tech house keeps on expanding, my passion for dance is ever growing too! This time I attended to some of very special and underground parties with some of the top people in this field. I also love to follow the Robot Heart bus deep into the playa, and to dance the whole night, until the Sun rises.. we all sync into one heart beat, and we move through the space, weaving the patterns of infinity.. I dance myself into pure Bliss..until there is no walls anymore around my heart, and I radiate again the state of the universal Love.. I am it!

Coming back home, little did I know of how much more layers of consciousness do I have to shed.. how many more times I have to die.. I thought that I already did so much of healing and opening work, and Divine Mother showed me clearly my blindness around so many things.. I saw my soul still being caged in the trap of my ego, with all of its attachments.
I was divinely guided to purify my body, and to break all of my habits, so I can do a deeper work, descending into the underworld again, and to see with more clarity. I knew very well that it is the best thing that I can do for my healing, and for healing of the whole of humanity.
I went through my personal hell, and I learned deeper of how to witness anything I face with my breath, in the state of equanimity. I saw all the darkness, and all that is light!..the divine potentials..
There is nothing that can escape the penetrating sound of the shaman, that has the power to open the old wounds, digging deeply, coming to the source of whatever obstructed our hearts, from being pure and polished like a clear mirror, reflecting the Divine Truth.
At the night of the Equinox, after moving through a very thick night, I saw the light in the left corner of my eye.. I look up, and there it is.. Moon shining so beautifully.. I was sitting in a complete darkness in a shaft of the moonlight! I found myself in a very illuminated and ecstatic eternal present.
So much information coming through.. I was never before so content with the silence, and my heart expands into the limitless joy, it is overflowing.. I breath in and out in gratitude..
At the other times my spirit wants to sing..I am opening so much deeper into the medicine singing, becoming a pure vessel for the ancient flame.. I realize that jumping into the unknown in perfect trust ~ that's what I love to do the most!..
I am also getting better and better at surfing the dreamtime with my didgeridoo, riding on my breath.. and there are also always the crystal bowls..
My heart is so pure and clear, that it attracts the hummingbirds by its sweet nectar..I can see and hear them buzzing around. We are the little eagles being taught of how to fly in freedom, sharpening our awareness.. we are like born into a whole new world! The old unhealthy patterns just naturally fall away..the ties are being cut.. I am like a flowing river again, replenished with a dense liquid rainbow light!

We also just changed the new art show in our gallery..This one is called the Flowering ~ a community blossoming. Over 130 of local artists showed their art on our walls.

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