I have a dream one night, that I am going into a place that is free from the modern, man-made laws, and limitations, and where the new kind of freedom reigns..living in harmony with nature, and remembering the old ways. I am visiting a flowing stream, and witnessing a very strange phenomena of holographic glowing water. There were the temple structures, from where I could hear a very beautiful ecstatic singing flowing. I was interacting with different people, and at one point I saw myself riding my bike, and pedaling as fast as I could.
Couple weeks later I was dreaming that I am purging very intensely, releasing the old, and my partner with one of my friends were assisting me in the process, where I had no choice but to surrender myself completely.

Few weeks later thank's to the assistance of the same friend from my dream, I am finding myself in a paradise on Earth.. very lush, oasis-like place, with the living sacred waters flowing. It happened to be a very potent time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Taurus, the window of an opportunity to break through, into the new paradigm.
When I was leaving home I was blessed by a hummingbird spirit encounter, and driving through one of the villages I saw a magnificent peacock right next to the side of the road!
I came to a destination, and I had to face a lot of my shadow, the remaining old emotions of insecurity, and fear, and feelings of separation that needed to be deeper acknowledged, and released. When I did fall asleep in the first night, I've dreamt of being dressed up very beautifully, like a native american woman, in a light leather dress and shoes. I am standing on the side of the road with my partner, and some other woman, and we are looking across the fields, where the coyote is chasing a bull. Then all of the sudden a majestic black wolf jumps out right in front of us, and lets for us to see his mature body with a great detail. In another dream sequence I see myself looking at a tree, and discovering there few of the owls, like slowly emerging from the invisible, starring at me very intently with their big yellow eyes.
I've found myself in a place from my dream, and with the other people we gathered in the circle around the sacred fire. We were taught about the ancient traditions of this land, and its plant spirit medicine, the old ways of the native people of this country, and of Mexico. We were singing and praying all night until the sunrise, breaking our hearts open, exploring the mystery. I was sitting right next to my friend from my first dream, and right behind a big beaded Huichol jaguars head. I saw a big spider crawling right inside of it!
At this magical night peacock totem entered my life even more powerfully, after I had the experience of vision of merging with it, becoming it, experiencing it like from inside, and being able to see with a great detail the luminescent, glistening in the full rainbow spectrum hues, on the top of the deep blue, and turquoise feathers. Peacocks medicine offered for me an assistance with the transformation of the old patterns that were not serving for me anymore, and giving much strength and power. The act alone of coming here on my own, and for so long, leaving my daily surroundings, was deeply empowering and liberating.

At this time I feel like I entered deeper into the eternal present, a wakeful state of mindfulness, taking a full responsibility as the creator, interconnected with all living beings. I am learning a great deal, and there is so much expansion of clarity and focus, that I am finally able to discipline myself better in my studies and daily practices, expanding in so many areas. Feeling very blessed, and excited to continue my work and growth! Aho!

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