Star Seed

These last couple weeks of the gem and mineral show, with Temple of Eden once again being activated at the Galactic Center space, brought on a lot of great opportunities for growth, healing, and expansion of the awareness. Temple took life on its own, with all the global community moving through, gathering like at the great convergence of the star family. We were hosting here art of some of the best visionary artists, we were being activated through the dance, and work with the sacred sound. The real flowing fountain with the waters from all over the world was created here, and it turned into a great sacred altar. In the middle of the floor was placed over 500 pounds heavy quartz crystal ball, around which we danced and gathered in the circle. My role this time that evolved naturally, it was to hold the space through the initiation of the spontaneous sound sessions in the caves, and doing art live, sharing with my creative process.
At this time I had a wonderful chance to connect with my divine potentiality in direction of my work with the sound, becoming a channel and instrument for the divine energy. I was able to share with the song of my soul, truly from the depths, singing with many voices, taking others in journey with the sound of the bowls, sharing with the great medicine of this powerful vessel. We greeted the year of the water snake very powerfully, gathering in the circle, working with the energy of the Great Mother. In one of the nights I was honored to participate in the seven7sisters ceremony with Starsinger. We were singing the Aloha Ke Akua Invocation, playing the crystal bowls, anchoring the pillar of light, honoring the Goddess and our ancestors. I feel very blessed to have a chance to learn these sacred songs, and to sing them with my sisters. When my Eye is open, I see the light that my voice holds..it is for me like reclaiming of the ancient flame, that has the power to heal, and awaken.. When my heart is open, my voice flows freely without the obstructions, expressing the divine..
Doing art live I am not as efficient, as when I am working in solitude, and working with my favorite music that deeply drives me, but it feels very important to share, and to listen to feedback. I connected with so many beautiful beings during this time, that also deeply inspired me in many ways. Alex and Allyson Grey gave a workshop here, that brought on a lot of important reminders about the directions that my art needs to take, to continue to expand in the most powerful ways. We were all drawing models, and meditating on the chakras. It felt very surreal to have them in our space, on the background of the caves;) It was wonderful to connect with Alex, even if just for a little bit. There is a lot of great potentials for the developments in the future.
Here is a link to the album with photos that I did during this time, including the process of creation and transformation->>

We are heading right now straight into the change of the art show in Solar Culture:

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