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I haven't been writing in a while..the journey is unfolding in interesting ways..
I was traveling a lot within my depths, and the spirit of the whale started visiting me more frequently...through my dreams, and guiding me during my meditations. In the same time I am working with my deeper relationship with water, and over my fears.
I am learning how to swim better, how to dive, how to catch a wave and have a ride.. The water it is the element that transforms me greatly now.. I think that I am quite brave when it comes to diving within, into the unknown of my subconscious, but in this reality I often find old wounds that caused me to create limiting beliefs..
As I dive deeper, the more it is revealed, and I try to figure out how to free my soul, how to heal more fully, so I can fly freely..fly freely whatever I am doing, being more present in the Now.. My past it is the heaviness on my back, and I still work how to release it..how to let it go..I know I already died for it, and I'm in another realms, but the fears are still there, and I'm facing them in my dreams
The quest isn't simple, and tasting my True Self I am like a hungry seeker, seeking every day, and learning, and expanding my awareness..
but then I know that I have to stop, and to forget, to let it go as well..and I'm going back to Nature, and I experience once again what it means Silence, and I'm back into the Heaven on Earth, and I'm full and complete in the stillness of the mind, when the waters are calm..
Soon I have to go back into the city's heart, as I am on the secret quest, a mission, that for sure only very little I understand with my conscious mind, but I sense it all quite deeply intuitively..
A lot of healing is done when in this recent weeks I am traveling between East and West Coast, facing different parts of myself.
I am overflowing with a lot of new inspirations, after returning to Metropolitan Art Musem in New York, and an Art Museum in San Diego, also visiting great botanical gardens.
I am channeling less or more consciously from many years, in many different ways, but in this weeks I came to deeper understanding about my boundaries, and I've got a lot of new insights in this direction.
My relationship with the Great Goddess deepens, I am devoting my life to Her, and my awareness grows in many fields.
I am guided to face again deeper the influences of the Pluto in the fourth house on my life, and with the most beautiful and angelic music I plant the seeds for the future.
Some days ago I had a dream that I am meeting this big wild cat..at first I feel fear, but then I face the beast, and I open my heart, reaching forward with my hand, so it can smell me. Few days after, we were rescuing the lost wild siamese very little kitten! It got lost or abandoned, and it is really a miracle that it survived in the middle of the city, and with this heat, in the middle of the summer! Our temple has a new guardian..but for now nobody can get close to it..we have to be patient..
Kitten is so deeply scared by people..It reminds me sort of about my old traumas, and I can feel that it will be my great new teacher=) Being during the last couple of days in Nature taught me a lot about encountering the beast. I've met with rattle snake on my path, and it rattled on me, and I looked into the eyes of the wild havalina! I was also blessed with the sights of big horn sheep that appeared three times..some of them had a really huge horns! When I was doing yoga and meditation, a lot of vultures were circling over me, and higher above them, there was a majestic huge hawk or an eagle! I cannot tell for sure what it was..but lying down on the earth I was tapping into its spirit, and it was very powerful and blissful experience.. and I was there, flying high;)..
I shared recently for the first time with recording of my creative session:

This is the way I create in trance states, when I channel divine energies..
My favorite way is to surrender to the sound..in this case it is music of Steve Hillage from album Rainbow Dome Musick..
I follow the sound and my intuition, learning all the time how to trust deeper, and how to flow freely..
Drawing in these states I am often forced to work very fast, tapping into higher frequencies and drawing from them power...making millions of very subtle, almost invisible touches..
It is not so much about doing..this is the dance and I work here with energies.
I am experiencing the sound, letting for it to flow through my body, becoming one with it..this is an excellent tool for traveling within..
I connect with my higher self and my guides, and they speak to me..
I connect with the invisible worlds, and every spirit that I meet has something to teach me, transmitting information, on the waves of sound..
This is the way I meditate.
This is the way I heal myself
..I seek the ways to know my full creative potentials!

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  1. Anonymous6/8/10

    It is very amazing to see you creating and dancing with energies, Kati... Very intimate video, thanks for sharing. It is nice to hear from you!