As I delve deeper into Her mysteries, once again I face the presence of Kali, the Dark Mother, and I am embracing her.
I dive into my darkness, beyond the veil, and I face all demons of my past, releasing them
I let go of my old patterns that doesn't serve me anymore, I let go of my fear, and the ego
I understand that strengthening of the will is crucial, especially at this time, so flow of the energy is focused
She comes through my art so naturally, beyond my conscious mind!
She brings for me once again the great reminder, that in order to create I have to destroy first
my heart wants to sing hymns in her homage, and my body opens up into the great source of energy
Now I understand deeper that I had to experience your lack, so I can later seek you, so I can find you!

It is very interesting to me that exactly today for the first time I am exploring compilation Kalpamantra "Ritus Terra Prolis", where I shared with my very old picture, where actually is also the vision of Kali!
It is very fine selection of dark ambient!! I am deeply impressed.
It is a free download compilation and you can find it HERE

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