Goddess returning

I haven't been writing here in a while, and my journey is unfolding in many interesting ways.
I was gifted with many very profound dream visions which constantly are flooding me with new inspiration.
In a lot of them I saw the magnificent sights in the sky..like the vision of the chariot with hundreds of horses seen in the night sky, lighted in many colors by the light of many lightnings..in another time I am walking very close to the ocean, and I see many whales jumping out and into the water..I look into the sky, and I see many rainbow bridges, and everything glowing in the red light of the sunset..or vision of an underground stream brought back to life on my eyes..
In my waking state I am working more regularly on creating the rainbow bridge by myself, meditating much more, and opening my chakras. I had a great deal of new learning about the nature of shapeshifting, also being inspired by my previous spontaneous connecting to some deities, and working with their energies, I sent my intent to the heavens that I am willing to learn much more in this direction. Universe responded very quickly and sent for me some wonderful material to learn from, also gave me a direct experience of deeper connection, communion and communication. I am very inspired to work again with Isis and Thoth, and now more consciously I am dedicating my life to the service of the Goddess. In recent time I had a wonderful experience with her revealing her divine presence. I can't even begin to describe everything in words, but for sure I will do my best to bring it all back through my arts, expressing my experiences and visions that I've experienced..
We are all so fortunate to live in this times of Her return..

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  1. Anonymous30/5/10

    it's incredible expiarences like as lucide dreams
    i said about yours work