some of new work in progress..

I thought that for my better learning how to paint I should make some studies of the nature and its living forms.
Wondering what to choose, I came across of this amazing photograph of iguana, and recreating her in more realistic way seemed for me as such a huge challenge, that's why I knew that THIS IS IT!;)) I think that challenges are direction to go, as they accelerate so greatly our development, and are pushing us beyond our limits. Patterns and colors of this magnificent lizard also were tempting me..
So here it is the lizard unfolding, and coming to life.. she transforms for me into a great teacher, magician, living entity telling me stories..she is like a part of my shadow which I am embracing..
It is interesting to me that few months after starting this painting I encountered the iguana also live!

The other work it is also exploring and embracing of the unknown..


  1. Amazing... so easy to get lost in this art

  2. Excellent idea to study nature's abstract art to develop as an artist. Have you seen Paua shells? I was inspired by your entry to try to paint one. I've been a long-time admirer of them.

  3. Anonymous19/1/10

    wow it looks great kati!

  4. looking forward to see it finished!

  5. beautiful kati! havnt seen your new works yet, so glad checked, keep creating!