wings of visions

Returning to our beloved place in nature, I've made a walk through the canyon.
I was opening myself deeper to the other senses, of the smell, of the hearing, to the feeling of the swirling gentle wind touching my skin. The desert teaches you how to be super aware.
In one moment I noticed very spectacular butterfly landing on a rock, I approached him closer and very quickly and intuitionally I looked into one place on the ground.
And there were waiting on me two beautiful butterfly's wings! What a great gift from him, I thought. In the next day, walking into the cave, I found an amazing, visibly freshly empty butterfly's cocoon!
His spirit is sending me a message: "It is Now the time to leave your old cocoon, take your wings and fly freely!" Many times I thought that I am beyond the phase of leaving cocoon, but the more I thought so, the more I was presented with lessons showing me that I have still a long way to go, and still I was finding myself struggling. Healing work seems like never-ending and I can see how in many situations I was still conditioned by the past. With my creation I feel all the time like such a beginner, having in mind the higher vision of opening to the full creative potentials. Also from this reason I thought that for now I have still so much to learn, that 'one day', when I will learn 'enough', I will start to create in freedom. But meeting with this butterfly reminds me that there is only Now, and that in this present moment I have all I really need, and that I am ready to fly freely if I choose so..if I am brave.. The cycle of self-transformation and learning is never-ending indeed. I accept this wings in deep gratitude, I give up my old self and my past, and I choose to be reborn to the higher reality, where my work is an effortless flight and dance!

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