Cosmic Alignment

This is the other side of my piece ''Cosmic Alignment'' that I did for Burning Man, and is now standing in front of Solar Culture. Recently I was working on it a bit more, bringing it to another level. It's time for me to move on, to release my vision and prayer to the universe..
It is about the alignment that we are approaching, and it symbolizes soul's unfoldment to the inherent divine creative potentiality, return to the ancient remembering, of who we truly are. It represents to me the vibrational ascension, opening of the heart, activation, and the rise of the kundalini.. It is a divine vessel growing in the center of the universe, the light emerging from the darkness, a channel for the cosmic energy descending, blessing and uplifting all life, being at the same time grounded and nourished by the energy coming from below, from the heart of the Earth.. it's the dance of creation..

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