Accelerated Flow

I am not the best writer in these days..yet always having an intention of sharing this way more often..there is so much happening all the time, so much learning that would be worthy of sharing..sharing with the experience..with the inspiration.. immortalizing the wisdom learnt in the structures of words..speaking straight from the heart..It is my desire to be able to express myself freely, with the words holding the great light, with the power to inspire and awaken.. Yet sometimes just dance is enough..just being..expression of Spirit through the vision, and going into the silence speaking more than thousands of words.. explaining everything..

Ever since I appeared here for the last time, we went through the change of the new exposition in our gallery, with the record of 170 of local artists showing their work! Even if it's always such an intense and draining time, dealing with all the people, art hanging, making labels, cleaning all the building until the very end before the opening reception, it is also so deeply rewarding, and I love doing it!! It is a pretty powerful experience each time to put everything into the whole..all the pieces of the gigantic puzzle.. pictures coming together creating the new stories, amplifying themselves. It is greatly stimulating creatively for me to see it all.. always inspiring. I think that as a community coming this way together we are all accelerating our growth.

Then we had here a very busy time with the shows..there were weeks with something happening almost every night. Sometimes music bringing to an ecstatic bliss, the other times bringing on frustration. I became incredibly picky with my taste, but it's all for my own safety, as I go through so much.. it's like a natural filtering system;)

The recent two weeks we spend traveling. At first I felt like I would rather stay home, and dive deeply within, and into my creation and studies, but I had to flow with it, and it turned out to be a very great and refreshing experience that I actually enjoyed. I totally needed to revisit all the ancient arts in the museums of New York, with the new awareness, and listening to Chante Ista on my iPod;)! I felt truly ecstatic and overflowing with the new inspirations. The experience of Philadelphia's downtown was well balanced with going for the few days to the ocean. Yet even this was holding so much treasures, and so much of deep cultural experience. This journey was a great opportunity to break through some of the patterns of our daily reality, and naturally it expanded our gratitude, for the place where we live in..for the vibration of the people here..for the open skies, and the monsoon time! A book that I took with me to read it was "The Myth Of Freedom" by Chogyam Trungpa. I feel like I learnt a great deal from it, and I resonate with his ways of teaching. Two more of his books already lined up in the mysterious ways~;)..

In between I am going through so much of healing, transformation, and mind expansion.. it is hard to contain it in the words indeed. I died so many times, and I am born again. The layers of consciousness peeling off, are uncovering the essence of the true self. Going deeper into the resonance, and into the flow, I learn how to navigate through the infinite space, traveling back to the Center..

Our closest plans are attending to the art and music festivals like Firefly and Burning Man. Meantime I have to ride the wave, and to catch up with learning of some of the new programs for digital art, and work with the sound..I need to balance some of my realities and practices..also expanding time spent on the traditional arts..there is so much to develop.. One of my main intentions is to explore the infinite creative potentials.

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