Super Full Moon Activations

The second time in a row the queen of the night, Cereus, blooms for the Full Moon, in a synchronicity with my menstrual flow. Each cycle it is like a deeper unfoldment into the divine nature. As the petals of the soul are opening, to form a vessel for the cosmic energy, they reveal a radiant glowing center. On this very auspicious Wesak Moon sharing the sacred space with the two other women..I am asking the Spirit of how I can give, heal and share with the light more fully at the moment, channeling the universal love.. I am guided to sound the crystal bowls, and my voice resonating surrenders for the higher intelligence beyond my conscious mind, the Great Spirit moving through my body. The sacred sound opens the gates of my heart, and I am again overflowing.. Each in-breath, and out-breath is a Blessing..I give and I receive..restoring a balance. The brilliant light touches every cell, rearranging the molecules, realigning, and fine-tuning.. There is a return to an ancient remembering, the hidden wisdom encoded in sound..the awareness of our true divine self..that creates all this reality from the deepest love..(((AUM)))

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