Sacred Sound

My todays journeys with the sacred sound..a great medicine..

I am familar with those musicians from years, however I am quite new into this particular piece..
Experiencing it deeply on myself I am connecting deeper with the highest aspects of myself, expanding in light..
Through the other experiences in this day I am also gaining a lot of new insight about the different ways of working with this force, and I am inspired to photograph the rainbow light visions, and reflections..

I know Craig's music from many years, continuously returning to it, listening to hundreds of times..it is like a divine tuning, a very powerful medicine for the soul, connecting to the Divine Feminine.
Craig found me recently through my art, and I am deeply honored and blessed to have as a task to channel The Great Cosmic Mother for the artwork cover of his new album "The Sacred Chants Of Shakti". My job is to unite with Her, to become this sound..

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