Dream Craft

One of the biggest influences of me going for the first time to Burning Man, it is my mind expansion in direction of electronic music dance scene;) I was dancing since I can remember, doing free flow dance following my intuition, and it became a very important part of my daily creative sessions..but it was always very hard for me to dance with other people because of my musical taste, that was always so very different. We went to BM with people that are very into dancing to house music, so I was kind of horrified on thought alone, of how I will be able to have fun with this kind of music!! I was never into this kind of beat, but always open to explore the new. However being there in the present moment, and flowing with it, merging with the sound, and the crowd, I absolutely loved it, and I had so much fun!! It is like a completely new language evolving, I am exploring sound in a very new ways with my whole Being.
After our return it is like this kind of dance scene came back home with us, and came along this woman that started up monthly dance events called Dream Craft. Tomorrow it is happening the fourth one, and I feel so deeply hooked, and excited about it! I am usually pushing myself beyond my limits, dancing for many hours, until it is hard for me to even walk in the next day;))
At the beginning I am usually focusing on doing a lot of healing work, looking within, connecting deeper with my body and spirit. After a while I am in a deep trance state, in a full presence, and with my light body fully activated..I am bathing myself in light, connecting with my higher self, exploring the new patterns. My belly dance and qigong background are deeply enriching my whole experience. In my dance I love to tap into the snake medicine, and to shape-shift beyond my body. We have here all different kinds of DJ's..a little bit of everything..some psy trance, dub step, electro, progressive, and house..
We come together to celebrate life, to pray, to worship the Goddess, and to dream a New Earth into being!

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