Returning from the journey, where we were visiting the very ancient sites of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, I feel like reborn, rejuvenated by the Great Mother Nature, and deeply inspired by her magnificent creations.
It feels like the beginning of the new stage in my reality, when I am more ready and mature to take some necessary shifts.
I did learn a lot during this time. With some situations I was pushing myself beyond my limits and fears.
I also explored deeper the archetypes I live by from the new perspectives, so I can see now more clearly different roles I play.
It was for us the time of breaking old patterns, and coming back to the natural rhythms. Almost every day we were waking up at the dawn, to greet the sunrise. Together with my partner we were making a good use from the light when the sun rises and sets, and we were doing really a lot of nature photography. We were gifted with some of an amazing sights.
At one sunrise when we were driving through the Monument Valley, the herd of the wild horses did ran across the street, in front of our van! In another days we had meetings with two wolves, lots of deer, ravens and hawks, and even the pronghorn antelope. Some of the creatures I saw I still try to identify! Four different species that I saw for the first time in the wildlife.
Still I have to embrace deeper the messages and teachings..

In this month had been released two new phenomenal and truly masterful albums by Igneous Flame with my artwork.

I feel like it is unspeakable..trying to describe how powerful they are, but surely I am going to work a lot with this music and create lots of new art in surrender!!
Orcus is darker, and it explores plutonian energy, that we all need to face and embrace.
Ion is a great tool for the rising of frequencies, shifting, transmutation, uniting with the higher self, and exploring your divine infinite potentials. Actually both are good for all that!
I really feel like I barely started to explore this great depths, but already once again I am blown away by Pete's new developments!
It is possible to listen to the previews on the Soundcloud:
ION by Igneous Flame
Orcus by Igneous Flame
I am very excited to attend at this weekend SoundQuest Fest organized by Steve Roach - an international gathering of sonic innovators & ambient architects.
It feels like a gathering of the ancient family!

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