I am asking myself how to transcend the grasping and wanting nature
how to open up to the experience of the fulness of my true being
to the infinite creative potentials that dwell within
so I can create in freedom for benefit of all beings.

The impulse of my intuition leads my hand to open one from many books
there are hidden my notes from long time before, where I read my answer:

"In order to be All, do not desire to be anything.
In order to know All, do not desire to know anything.
In order to find the joy of All, do not desire to enjoy anything.

To be, to know, to find joy -> sat, cit, ananda = being, consciousness, joy.

Set thy heart upon thy work, but never on its reward.
Work not for a reward, but never cease to do thy work.
Do thy work in the peace of Yoga and,
free from selfish desires,
be not moved in success or in failure.

In this wisdom a man goes beyond what is well done and what is not well done.
Go thou therefore to wisdom: Yoga is wisdom in work."

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