Creative Dreaming

It is very interesting to me that after my yesterdays dream symbolism, I was watching this amazing documentary "Unmistaken Child" about the reincarnation of the Lama Konchog~~;)!!

It wasn't my primal intention to write here most of time about my dream world, but my life in such a high degree is evolving around it! I feel it is worth to share with my own insight and experience, if there is a chance that someone can get inspired to work with own dreams as well. There is way too much people still getting stuck on the basic level of nightmares, without evolving of the ability of creative dreaming! It is such a great hidden potential being wasted!

I feel very blessed that through my life experience I was pushed in this direction. My dreams it was quite a nice alternative and escape from my reality, except that by some years of my childhood I was having often nightmares. Following my intuition and learning from experience I was learning how to overcome it. At first I came up with a trick of rolling my eyes up, when I wanted to escape my nightmare into waking state. Later when I've been chased once by a witch, that wanted to hurt me, I started to talk to her, and we became friends! My nightmares ended up exactly with this dream;) Since this time every night was bringing for me a lot of excitement before my next explorations and adventures. I trained myself early to remember my experiences.
Before I even started to photograph nature, by whole year, almost every day, I was practicing photography in my dreamworld.
Whenever I saw a beautiful view, I was becoming conscious, and I knew that I have always camera with me. The more I was focusing on seeing beauty in nature, the more beauty I saw, and my dreamworld amazingly expanded. All was reflecting into my reality, and I was opening myself more and more into seeing it everywhere. With every time when I've been going to forest, I was setting for myself an intention that I am able to see more and more clearly and deeply. I am amazed how it actually worked, and how it affected me! With time my life was catching up to my dream visions, and my dreams were becoming my reality.

Whole my previous knowledge in this direction was based mostly on my own experience, and I decided now to study this matter deeper, also learning from others, so I can explore more fully from the true potentials. Some time ago universe sent to me this book by Patricia Garfield - "Creative Dreaming". I've started reading it before, and after reading just a little, I had this very lucid dream where I was flying, and I was teaching my partner how to do it as well. Later I get distracted by other books, but now I decided to go back to reading it. I am still not finished, but already I learned a lot, and it is very exciting to put new learning into practice.

Today I had a dream where I've met with my dead grandfather, father of my mother. In reality he wasn't very open or friendly, and I've never felt to him a deep connection. I see him in the room where he used to live by a long time, and he is very nice to me and we are engaging in conversation. He offers to me a gift, a ring with the bright blue stone. I am thinking then that it is very nice from his side, but with this gift it is hard for me to benefit also others, that it is just beautiful thing to look at. I ask him about other gift that will be more beneficial for all. I see he holds a camera, and he hands it to me. By a long time I am looking at the world around me through the lens, and I see all the picture sharpens and gains more focus.
This new camera actually manifested in my reality few days ago! It is for me a big shift for the way I perceive, stepping into the new higher levels. Photography it is such a wonderful tool for evolving our ability to see..
It starts all with the inner landscapes though..

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  1. "Before I even started to photograph nature, by whole year, almost every day, I was practicing photography in my dreamworld."

    that is such awesome idea! nice read...have you read creative visualization by ophiel I read few his books, came across his astral traveling technique book which was straight-forward and nice. That's how i got into creative dreaming, now being few years later my dreaming has evolved so much, defiantly alot more work to do though... I came across Robert Monroe's stuff this week and focus level system he has, i have always known about his work, but never really looked into it...try see what can get out his stuff. Anyways thats such a cool idea! love it.
    ...Dream Well