Golden Sun

I'm pretty much obsessed in this days listening over and over again to album "Golden Sun" by Lucette Bourdin, and it is really hard to stop! This release is available for free download here.

It is one of the greatest masterpieces I have ever heard! Automatically it jumps to the top of my favourite music!! Actually 'listening' word isn't here very appriopriate..as you can know it only through experience, exploring its infinite depths through going within, and travelling with it with your astral body. It is very powerful, and contains a huge potential for creative use! Masterfully crafted channeling of the divine!
Lucette also gives me a lot of hope and inspiration by her own example. Through her whole life she was a painter, and she creates music only from 5 years!

Now it is for me time to be more focused on my visual arts and expanding my skills in this direction, but there is also an asleep musician in me, waiting on the right time to be awakened!

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  1. Anonymous25/11/09

    Thank you Kati for sharing! I really enjoy her music :)